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Temporary save-slot

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I am playing Crusaders of the Lost Idols for over 3200 hours now. And there is something I really would love to see: a temporary save slot. The game let you save the chosen crusaders for a formation plan (sorry if my english isnt the best; I hope you understsnd what I mean). You have slot 1 to 3 - but you cannot see what crusaders the slots are filled with. So if you start a new objective, lets say a challege, you never know if you already figured out the best setting for it. Having a temporary save slot, that only saves your setting for the actual world and empties upon reset you could temporary save your creation and compare it with the three regular save slots - and could get back to your new creation if the contents of the save slots are useless for the given task. That would make life a lot easier and should not be too difficult to program.

Additionally a small popup-window, that displays the saved crusader-formation when hovering a save-button, would really be nice.

What do others think about this idea?


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Link to post - Posted August 1st at 5:53 PM
Geoff Riley
I always use slot three for saving whatever my current setup is before loading one of the other two—just in case they con't contain what I thought they did. Working this way has never caused me problems so far… except for when my mouse has jiggled and saved on the wrong slot, but that's down to my shakes not the game. :)
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