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Roadrunner (beep beep), The Jogger (Bobby Bare/Shel Silverstein), Starscream,

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Link to post - Posted July 7th at 2:08 AM
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I want a sader that speeds up the formation run speed. This attribute would (effectively) increase both pick up speed, and spawn speed. Also, it would be REALLY nice if he/she also decreased the length of the "blackout" in between stages. THAT ALONE would be worth me spending $5-$10 on golden epic gear!

Even if only a small amount, all or some of the above would be a huge advantage in speed.

Some sader suggestions that might make this happen:

Animal- Some legal adaptation of the road runner (Honk, Honk)

Human- Jake the Jogger, "I ain’t shifted into second yet" (Increases speed of formation), "thanks for the exercise" "I’m doin’ eighty" "Ready, get set, go."

Angel - Same as "the jogger" song, but an angel. Maybe an Angel AND Human? "joggin’ up into the sky,"

Robot - Starscream (SunStabber, StarStabber, Sam the Star Schemer) "Conquest is made of the ashes of one's enemies."

Animal- Another Rabbit.

Robot or Animal or what? - Some take on the Cars, Thunder MaKing, Dr Put-Putsome

Human- (and/or angel)- Some kind of tribute to Dale Earnhardt, maybe Davey Turnhard. "Second place is just the first place loser." "I've got to win every race."

Animal- "Harley the Hogger", a hog on a Hog, because why not, A pink pig wearing a black leather jacket and black sunglasses riding a Harley.

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Link to post - Posted July 7th at 8:59 AM
I'm all for speeding up the transition between stages. It would help A LOT, especially since I spend more time changing stages than I spend on actually completing the stage objectives. However, I think this feature would better suited for a talent or the upcoming ruby shop.

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Link to post - Posted July 7th at 1:27 PM
2 more animal ideas:
-a snail with a rocket attached to it's shell
-A turtle on a Harley
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