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Mana/power shorcut use and Log file
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Cheers to everyone.
I have been thinking of two different situations
the first one is concerning the power activation, sometimes I think it could be nice to have a shortcut button for the power(or even mana) activation like the key 1 or 2, I know for those using a tablet this is useless but for keyboard could be an option. several times I find myself clicking on the button and nothing happens or I misclick and click mana instead of Power, and sometimes you end up wasting mana when you wanted to keep charging the bar for later(I norm,ally want to use all my energy before using mana, or only start using mana when I have the bar fulfilled already so if needed I can give the final push to pass to a new level). Also when you are doing those missions it respawns from x to x quick whacks or mana usage, and just before an eagle or something appears you wanted to use power whack but misclicked and clicked on mana, you have wasted mana which could be used later to get other eagle or similar later.

The second is concerning the log file, In crusaders of lost idols there is a log file which keeps track of what we one and when for some time. In Bushwhacker 2 sometimes I feel the need to see one to, Today I received a Gift but forgot to point out the name, I don't know now who send it to me from my list. or when someone helps in your field, Or sometimes the Log file could also be useful to more easily show bugs. I don't know where the log file is, am I missing it or it is not present here?
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not Raymond
over 2100 days ago the Devs said they would never implement a play history for this game. i forget the reason but will seek out if it was in a forum post or in a trouble ticket answer.
in the mean time if you want to see some Greek, press ~ while in the game screen. press it again to make it go away, but sometimes the only way to get it to go away is a full reload
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