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Suggestion gold-catalyst-searcher

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Link to post - Posted June 28th at 3:43 PM
Hi, I want to suggest about stopping to farm gold after maxing lvls crusaders, its pointless and might it decreasses lag.

About Catys, I wonder what will they do when we have all leg gears on all crusaders, so might they can give a gold or dps bonus while they are unspent.

And we might need a searcher in crafting menu, since we have a lot crusaders, it could help us to find them quickly.

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Link to post - Posted June 28th at 11:07 PM
The Crafting menu is alphabetic. Most likely will catalysts stay as they are because there will be new crusaders that needs legendary gear.

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Link to post - Posted July 7th at 5:33 AM
Last Edited July 7th at 5:34 AM
I've actually been wondering what alternative use catalysts will have in the future as well. A passive extra use would be nice. I was thinking of an active one though.

Since I buy GEs there will come a point, if CNE continues it's rate of releasing one crusader per event, that I will not have to spend *any* catalysts b/c I will get a free craft coin with every GE purchase. I already get a free craft coin with most of my GE purchases since I only have less than E gear on Tom, GG, and Betty right now.

With there currently being 115 crusaders that means 345 possible L gears currently. I currently have 236 L gears, 109 non-L gears. Assuming an average of 4.25 Ls created every week it should only take me 25.65 weeks to get all current crusaders to LLL. Of course with each new 'sader that is released another 0.71 weeks is added to that total. Which by my rough calculations means that sometime in March 2019 I'll have no more use for catalysts. Providing I continue to buy GEs and that only one crusader is released per event.
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