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Eldrich Markings
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Maryanne Pulliam Cunningham
is it a special bush in the marked areas or whack all the bushes and wait for the items ?
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Link to post - Posted June 27th at 11:05 AM
Barbara Tompkins

Eldrich Markings

do below okay ...

The Mochi Council requires you to do a test before you can enter the city! Find the eldritch markings from the bushes in each area of the High Jungle. Twisted Shrubs grow in Tleco, Polluting Lilypads sprout in Atl, Tormented Insects burrow in Huetzi, Greater Lizards flee to Yohuac, and Twilight Herbs are weeded from Tentli. These are going to be difficult to find.

Find Twilight Herbs from bushes in the Cera Altepeti Boundary
Find a Greater Lizard from bushes in the Verdant Undergrowth
Find a Tormented Insect Herbs from bushes in the Wild Descent
Find a Polluting Lilypad from bushes in the Plateau Lakes
Find a Twisted Shrub from bushes in the Lush Climb

go below for info as well
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