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Changing computers
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Link to post - Posted June 26th at 1:32 PM
Can I play my current game on a different computer? This one is 8 years old and about to die. lol.
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Link to post - Posted June 26th at 1:47 PM
not Raymond
all actual game information is stored on some server somewhere. some small things are stored locally but are reloaded as needed.
i play on over 20 different computers in the course of a week.
you will probably have to answer that privacy message every new computer you go to and you definitely will have to answer the flash question about allowing storage at least the first time you go in.
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Link to post - Posted June 27th at 3:50 AM
Can confirm what Raymond said!

Thank heavens for servers!

I have legit cried at the loss of progress in other games that used local storage, not a server. (Luckily, the devs in those cases have been able to put back the progress)
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