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Monster Spawn Speed Calc BUMP*

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Link to post - Posted June 18th at 3:04 PM
well its been a year and i i'd just like to say BUMP to an old idea w/ great promise :)

w/ SO MANY New Crusaders having multiple sSpeed%+ and iDrop Rate%+ it would be nice to see an already calculated total in the window above or some where so it will be simpler to create a more ideal grouping.. i mean w/ 3-4 crusaders giving around 30% boosts and then another giving 80 and Rex wrestler constantly changing.. plus the speed buffs + the Eternal Buff Talent .. its alot of tiny multipliers.. i mean do i want Vic to have 3 Dragons or 2 Dragons and a leprechaun ??

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Link to post - Posted June 18th at 3:09 PM
BTW i know rules of conduct = No Spamming of already posted ideas etc etc.. but i figure w/ a year between posts = ample time to prevent it from being considered SPAM :D

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Link to post - Posted June 18th at 5:56 PM
Last Edited June 18th at 5:57 PM
Also, enough factors have changed with this issue to make the subject worth discussing again now there are two or three new speedsters). It has come up several times in the Reddit Q&A's and we have been assured that it's on the wish-list.
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