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Link to post - Posted June 10th at 4:07 PM
Laurel Chicoine
It says to look at the tanners south-west. It's been more than a few days. It's not working.
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Barbara Tompkins

Try the blue towel south/west.of amicus....and click on the top of blue towel behind the NPC that is what I do..& it works..... for me....
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Link to post - Posted June 15th at 8:18 PM
I'm sure you have this one figured out by now.

I saw another post recently about someone having trouble with this same quest.
I am adding a couple of links to pics in case someone else needs help. I'm visual, so pics help me. (Clue - On the SW beach are a couple of tanners;look under their towels but remember your manners) (Click on edge of the blue towel, I click on the either top corner)
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