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New Crusader Idea

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Link to post - Posted May 10th at 5:44 PM
Event: Emo's New Moon

Crusader Name: Cath, Cthulhu's Apprentice

Tags: DPS, Animal, Event, Gold-Finder, Supernatural

Abilities: (Following however the devs make T4 crusaders)

1: Long Tentacles "I grab whatever I want." Increases the base DPS of Cath by 400%

2: Deep Sea Diving "I can get down there and find whatever gold I want." Gold find is increased by 500%. Reduced by 10% per monster on the screen. Cannot go into negatives.

3: Loving Crafts "Blood makes great paint whenever I want it to." For every 25 levels and over and including 200, Cath, Cthulhu's Apprentice's DPS is multiplied by 4.

4: Literature Ties "I can read books whenever I want." Every second, throws a book at a random monster for 200% DPS.

5: Mind Control "I can control minds whenever I want." For every monster on the killed, Cath's dps increases by 100 percent. 5 seconds after a monster dies, it decreases his dps by the amount given. If the monster is killed by Literature Ties, the effect stays for the rest of the level.

6: Acceptance "Maybe I won't get everything I want." Increases Cath's dps by 10%, multiplied by 100% by the amount of monsters on the screen.

7: Ocean Control. "Scratch that, I am the most powerful being ever!" Increases Cath's dps by 500%.

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Link to post - Posted May 11th at 2:09 PM
Might need a teensy bit of balancing, but overall looks good to me. One small change I'd like to suggest: Change the name to Cathy. Sounds more pedestrian, which makes it sillier. "Cath" still sounds vaguely mystical, or at least inhuman, which takes away from the inherent silliness of Cthulhu having an apprentice.

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Link to post - Posted May 11th at 4:05 PM
Cath sounds to me like a single-tentacled medical device for use with the waterworks 'down there'. "Cathy" definitely better.

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Link to post - Posted May 11th at 5:03 PM
Cthulhu's apprentice is a being of intense gluttony, ergo it's title is "Eater of Worlds", making it's full name "Cath, Eater of Worlds".

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Link to post - Posted May 12th at 8:11 AM
Last Edited May 12th at 5:04 PM
Cath is supposed to be a being whose gender is unknown, (And I did accidentally say "his" once) and Cathy makes it seem more feminine, going into a gendered direction.

I did not mean any innuendo when I said "Down there."

I think "Eater of Worlds" is a bit unnatural since it's a bit too serious.

But anyways, here's a bit of balancing.

Deep Sea Diving: Decreased by 25% per monster.

Acceptance: Increases Cath's Dps by 1000% if a monster is on the screen. Per every killed monster, the effect is decreased by 10%. The effect doesn't go into negatives.

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Link to post - Posted May 12th at 1:23 PM
Like I said, the game is usually more silly, so "Cathy" being so standard and human for the name of the apprentice of an eldritch god would be silly. Refer to "Tim, the Enchanter" from Monty Python.

You didn't mean any innuendos. Azaryah did. They were talking about a catheter. Hence the "down there" in reference to "Cath" sounding close to "catheter".

My "Eater of Worlds" comment was a joke reply to Aza's catheter comment - "Catheter of Worlds".

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Link to post - Posted May 12th at 5:03 PM
Oh okay! Yeah, I responded to them all at once so it was unclear. Sorry.
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