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Mission Window: Click Requirement Tag Suggestion/Request

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Link to post - Posted April 28th at 3:55 PM
Would it be possible to convert the Tag icons on the mission window clickable such that when selected the list of crusaders are reordered to include the selected Tag in the sorting criteria.

For example, I am looking at the "It's a Trap!" mission and according to my current available crusaders, their gear and star-ex (priority) selections, no Elf crusaders appear in the first eight crusaders (only two have stars, the other six are neutral priority). But I want to make my first selection an Elf, so if I were to click the Elf icon of the mission, then the starred crusaders would stay as their are (since none are Elf crusaders), but the six of neutral priority would prioritize Elf crusaders above other crusaders.

I can see two ways to accomplish this:

1) Have the selection elevate the Elf tag to double or more weight
2) Direct selection of the Elf crusaders before all others (of the same star-ex priority)

thanks, tl93
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