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Tier 5 talents

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Link to post - Posted March 20th 2018 at 5:09 AM
Last Edited March 20th 2018 at 5:11 AM
Heya, just wanted to share some ideas for Tier 5 talents, if such a thing was to be added. Note that values are just examples, and are ofc subject to change.


Reduces the time needed to complete missions by 1%.
Has 20 ranks, so reduces missiontime by 20% at max rank.

Straightforward idea, no?

For every buffcard type, increases your DPS by 5%.
Has 20 ranks, so max 100% DPS-boost per cardtype.

Note; Each cardtype (i.e. Siphon Power etc) don't count for each rarity.
That means you can max get 6x the benefit (one from each of Goldbuff, DPSbuff, Spawnbuff, Critbuff, Clickbuff and Splashbuff). Wether they stack additively or multiplicative is up for debatte.

Click on your gold-reserve to spend all(?) your current gold, hurting all enemies on the screen with the damage based on the gold spent. Deals 0,5%(?) of your gold to all enemies.
Has 20 ranks, so you can max deal damage equal to 10% of your spent gold spent.

Note that the numbers are just placeholder values. The idea is at least to make your gold do something of worth even when you have capped all Crusaders' levels.
Also, enemies killed by Goldstorm won't generate gold (so you can't loop it), or they maybe should at best spawn reduced gold, increased with the talent's rank?

The mssing active Tier 3 talent:
Magnify now grants 1 additional Magnify-charge per use, letting you boost several abilities in a row!
Has 9 ranks, giving you up to 9 additional Magnify-charges per use (for a total of 10).

The point here is to make Magnify more interesting and useful, in particular when combined with the "Instant Satisfaction"-talent!


For every 25 areas past area 900, your DPS is increased by 1% (additive).
Has 25 ranks, so max DPS-boost is 25% per 25 areas (or 1% per area) past area 900.

Note; The mechanic I intended here was that it should be based on your highest area achieved, so the bonus lingers even upon reset! But then it would be a seperate bonus for each campaign (So, World's Wake has a DPS-bonus based on your highest area-record there, while Amusement Park of Domm would have another DPS-bonus based on your highest area-record you've achieved there).
By designing it like that, it gives you some incentive to push as far as you can in each campaign.

Each Crusader grants 1% DPS for all Crusader per 1k Enchantment Points (including shared ones), whenever they learn their level 200 skill (the level-scaling DPS skill which all Crusaders have).
Has 20 ranks, so max DPS-boost is 20% all-DPS per 1k EP (or 1% all-DPS per 50 EP).

This talent is meant to achieve a lot of things:
1) Increase the value of EP on supportive Crusaders, even in non-niche campaigns.
2) Make the level 200 skill useful, again, on supportive Crusaders
3) As a bonus, it further increases the value of the "Sharing is Caring"-talent (since shared EP shoul count for the talent)

Crusaders in the same seat share 5% of their Experience Points.
Has 20 ranks, so max rank grants you 100% XP-share, meaning full share.

Maybe not a very powerful talent, but is at least a pretty neat QoL-talent if you wanna test out different Crusaders in the same seat etc.
First I was thinking of making this talent be a XP-share between ALL Crusaders, but that is probably too much.
Another idea was to merge this XP-share idea into the Sharing is Caring talent.
Regardless, sharing XP in some way seems like a neat QoL-talent for me (could even become a Utility Talent, perhaps?)

Sidenote; Talent-change suggestion:
Imo, this talent doesn't feel very passive. I'd suggest to add this talent's current bonus to the utility-talent "Scavenger" (so that talent then increases gold both from silverchests and missions)
As a replacement, I'd change Every Last Cent into something that'd hopefully be a bit more useful for newbies:

Increases the goldgain of your goldboosting trinkets (I.e. the "Coins and Goldbars"-ones) by 10%. Has 20 ranks (thus +200% effect from your goldboosting trinkets)


Rubies gained via missions (NOT for Campaigns) are increased by 10%.
Has (at least) 10 ranks, so max rank increases Rubies gained by (at least) 100%.

Considering that I've heard the rumour that Rubies will have a use outside of purchasing Jeweled Chests, giving you some Ruby-gain-booster seemed to be in order too.

Increases the potency of your Idols (both the DPS and goldgain) by 10%.
Has 40 ranks, so max ranks increases the potency of your Idols by 400% (which means 15% DPS per idol and 5% gold per idol)

Simple power and goldboost :)

Unlocks tier 5 objectives
Has just 1 rank, of course.

Rumours said tier 5 will happen, so this talent seems logical

Now... what do you think? Are these talent-ideas any good?

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Link to post - Posted March 26th 2018 at 10:45 PM
Last Edited March 27th 2018 at 6:47 PM
Utility Talent for idol gain in T5? I wish talent levels of previous tiers for idols will increase for T5 future.

*fixed typo

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Link to post - Posted March 27th 2018 at 5:13 AM

No, you read that wrong. It increases the POTENCY of your idols, not how many you gain.

For example:
If you have 1 million idols, you currently gain a 3million% DPS-boost and a 1million% goldboost.

With the talent maxed, those 1 million idols would instead grant you 15million% DPS-boost and a 5million% goldboost.

It's basicly just a DPS- and gold-booster.
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