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Frankie - A Croon dilemma, and a suggestion to that dilemma!

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Link to post - Posted February 12th 2018 at 12:37 PM
Last Edited February 15th 2018 at 5:46 AM
So, his Croon ability is potentially really strong. Problem is, it just doesn't help you out much when you actually NEED it.
When do you need a DPS-boost like Croon? When enemies get tough.
What happens when enemies get tough? They're hard to kill.
What happens with Croon when enemies are hard to kill? Croon can't be fueled up, and thus becomes useless...

So... as it is right now, it's actually not a very good ability (I'd estimate it to be about as weak as the "shot"-abilities, hard to really say).

However, I do have an idea that might make it really useful:
1) Remove the time limit for Croon.
2) Change his "Demonic Melody" (one of the generic alldps boosters) to do this instead: Every 10 seconds, you passively get an additional stack of Croon (still abiding to the cap of course).
3) Change his shoes-gear from adding crit-chance into instead speeding up Demonic Melody's effect by the usual ability-boosting numbers (10/25/50/100/150/200/300%).

That way, due to change #1, it will eventually get some use, and due to change #2 and #3, if you can't kill enemies it will at least build up slowly by itself (with epic gear+, it'd actually build up rather quickly)

Problem with THIS though, is that it maybe might become TOO strong of an ability (even with the cap considered)? What do you guys think? Good idea, or not?

Sidenote; The also mentioned "shot"-abilities could also be fixed to be more useful, by letting them deal additional damage equal to X% of click damage (boosted by the click-Amulets)? That way, they would actually be useful as well when they become "needed".

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Link to post - Posted February 13th 2018 at 2:28 AM
Wait is Montana the only shooter with a Legendary effect that upgrades his shooting ability? Hmm, looks like Karl does too. Unfortunately Karl is just about the worst shooter to have in the formation b/c if you are at the point you need a shooter multiple drops are a godsend.

I had been able to use Montana and Agent 79 to get a couple extra boss levels and since Montana has a legendary that increases his shooting ability and 79's Ricochet Training. I always was disappointed that Greyskull and 79 didn't have Ls to boost thier shooting since their shooting is the best thing about them, in my opinion.

There are other abilities of similar usefulness to Croon already in the game like Turp's Grinding and Cindy's High Stamina. Makes me wonder if there will be a use for them in the future. After all there is no point right now in getting a DPS boost for a area where you already beat the requirements. The only use I can see right now is storing up some extra power for RoboRabbit.

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Link to post - Posted February 13th 2018 at 11:43 AM
Montana, Karl and Arachnobuddy can all boost their shot-damage. But they are still not that great (even if they can last longer with Agent 79's various upgrades), since their damage doesn't contribute whatsoever to clickdamage, the absolute strongest source of damage when you start seeing enemy health.

As for Croon, I realized something MUCH simpler could be done (which could still work on top of my idea for Demonic Melody); Just remove the time-limit.

With that, his DPS would inevitable be helpful.
If Demonic Melody was changed as per my suggestion on top of that, the base time could be increased (to like, 10 seconds per passive stack-gain).

As for Turp's Grinding and Cindy's High Stamina - Yeah, never really saw a big point of those skills either.
If Grinding's bonus was partially active at all times (so the gear upgrade isn't basicly pointless for the vast majority of the game), it would at least do SOMETHING. As it is now, I guess it's just there to offset the loss of the Cashing In-bonus when you complete an area (some people need to linger to manage push an area or two more, and they might more cash, which Grinding can aid with), which is still a really minimal niche though *shrugs*

Cindy's High Stamina at least has a small effect from the very first kill in an area, and can be upgraded with one of her legendaries. No, it's not particularly good, but it's not NOTHING either. I can see it being useful on particularly drawn out campaigns, like Descent into Darkness Double Trouble, or any missions where you can't use Crusaders which speed up questdrops etc.
Maybe if it ramped up a whole bunch quicker (i.e. gained more % per kill), I could see the point of it *shrugs again*

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Link to post - Posted February 14th 2018 at 12:53 AM
"is that it maybe might become TOO strong of an ability? What do you guys think? Good idea, or not?"

Well, is there any situation where stacked melody would be too strong? OTOH for T3 crusader, that doesn't sound like a bad idea

Also, like other stacking abilities, it should be limited

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Link to post - Posted February 15th 2018 at 5:43 AM
@Bloodbane, well, there is already a cap, so I guess it would be fine.

And yeah, it just feels weird that a Tier3 Crusader was designed to be so... weak?
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