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Link to post - Posted August 17th 2015 at 8:13 AM
Big Red
I have been playing COTLI for a couple of weeks now and thought I would throw in my two cents worth as to things I would like to see.

When I first started I was expecting more of a world map type layout with dungeons to delve into and unlock extra areas, more like Bushwacker, I think it just makes things feel more 'adventure like'.

As several others had commented it would be great to see more crusaders. There is a huge roster of possible characters but it seems silly to just tack them on the end in a continuing higher cost basis, and a complete new set of crusaders for different campaigns reduces the fun of seeing what different crusaders can do together. I think having alternate versions for each slot would be a nice idea. ie instead of bringing along Jim, at the beginning of your campaign you swap him out for Farmer McDonald (with his special ability to create an instant scarecrow version of any crusader who has just died - or what ever it is). Your crusaders would be locked in until reset. Campaigns could unlock different alternates with higher difficulty as you progress.

Some off the top ideas for alternates and possible abilities:

Farmer McDonald (for Jim)

Poot the Unicorn thing (for emo) - big bonus when only females adjacent

Botho (for Sasha) - a mix of defense in front and DPS on the same row

Misty or Hank (for hermit) - big bonus to adjacent non humans.

Brock (for Kaine) - some kind of special hammer stun attack

Wally the Trinketsmith (for Princess) - similar over all crusader bonuses maybe increasing for those crusaders with enchantment points.

Zartan - the jungle man (for Natalie) - similar to Nat and Nate with bonus when adjacent to the Gorilla.

The Clown (for Jason) - He is way freakier than Jason.

The Velociraptor (for the Lion) - increase DPS significantly for each dead crusader in the formation.

Ellesandra (for Witchdoc) - healing for whole formation (at a lesser rate than Khouri)

The Alien (for griffon) - Ray guns - probes - all in a days work abducting.

Clint the Horse guy (for Sarah) - He could do anything and be more interesting than Sarah.

Pirate Captain (for Panda) - He also wants Gold. and Chests.

Bernard the Ghost Butler (for Sal) - Takes a lot less damage than other crusaders - because he is incorporeal after all.

Gorilla (for phoenix) - big DPS when paired with Zartan.

Ozzy the Hot air Balloonist (for Reg) - maybe dropping things from above could be his thing.

Mr Robinson (for Thalia) - Improved XP gain for all in formation (she is a teacher)

The Green fairy (for wizard) - short term DPS booster for same row

Crystal Mine Dwarf - I like Corny (for Nate) - like the pirate - he loves gold and chests - a short duration special ability - 2.5 mins like buffs - to increase chest drop chance from boss. also the reset

I also do like the idea of being able to customise your crusader (maybe clothing items, hair styles/colours could be an extra reward for finishing campaigns)

And I second/third/twentieth the notion of fast switch formations. (and more new formation layouts for future campaigns - a 3x3 or 2x4)

Final thing - I would like to see what your gold collection rate over time is at...
as in how much gold will you earn in 1 hour with current formation (so for example if I needed 100o approx for next tier on a crusader how long will it take at current collection rate to get it - so I could come back on in that amount of time)

Anyway... there are some of my thoughts.
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