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Facebook daily player, looking for more friends!
Posted by Becca Ziems
1 February 20th at 6:53 PM
by Becca Ziems
Level 232 looking for more friends
Posted by ElijahMikaelson
2 February 16th at 4:05 PM
by liliy
Daily player, max level
Posted by VisionAri
2 February 16th at 4:02 PM
by liliy
Please add me (^o^)
Posted by Dutchgirl79
3 February 9th at 12:54 PM
by Dutchgirl79
Need friends, daily player, max. level
Posted by infjaci
4 February 9th at 9:04 AM
by mityziglitzi
Looking for friends
Posted by Chrysty
6 February 9th at 9:03 AM
by mityziglitzi
Max player needs friends!
Posted by southerngirl4123
19 February 9th at 8:52 AM
by mityziglitzi
need a friend
Posted by Penney50
3 February 4th at 7:48 AM
by irishpat04
Need more friend on Facebook
Posted by Susan Groth
1 February 2nd at 7:43 PM
by Susan Groth
Please add me!!!
Posted by CraziE
3 January 31st at 4:25 PM
by tgcougar
How do you add someone
Posted by Doctorjazz
2 January 31st at 4:24 PM
by tgcougar
Level 440 .. please add me!
Posted by SumrBrz33
9 January 31st at 9:31 AM
by liliy
Need frtiends
Posted by sweetcher
3 January 31st at 9:30 AM
by liliy
Lvl 182 Daily Player looking for friends
Posted by deals
2 January 30th at 11:03 AM
by Crusher66
Need Friends to continue playing this game
Posted by deals
1 January 28th at 4:51 PM
by deals
Level 240 and need friends
Posted by geekgrl
1 January 26th at 1:53 PM
by geekgrl
Level 123 player needs friends
Posted by vernonia25
1 January 25th at 1:38 PM
by vernonia25
Max player looking for friends
Posted by Hypatia
1 January 24th at 4:19 PM
by Hypatia
Looking for friends
Posted by JenS
2 January 23rd at 9:50 PM
by niqaeli
Lvl 295 looking for friends
Posted by Moke2000
2 January 23rd at 2:25 PM
by Penney50