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Sticky: πŸ‘©πŸ§”πŸ‘¨Step by Step Guide: How to Add FRIENDS on CNEπŸ‘©β€πŸ¦°πŸ§’πŸ‘±πŸ½
Posted by Flybaby
2 July 31st at 6:50 AM
by Flybaby
Same as everybody else
Posted by Xerzes
1 Today at 10:08 AM
by Xerzes
You know why I'm down below
Posted by fuschiakraken42
1 Friday at 6:35 PM
by fuschiakraken42
Just downloaded today, need friends
Posted by elephantlady1946
17 Friday at 8:05 AM
by elephantlady1946
Just moved - I need CNE friends please
Posted by poisondwarf
2 Thursday at 9:17 PM
by Horsedancer1
Add Me Please
Posted by EnderUT
1 Thursday at 6:23 PM
by EnderUT
In need of Friends
Posted by Hvenlee
3 Wednesday at 4:26 PM
by Cheshirecatqee1875
Please add
Posted by Cheshirecatqee1875
1 Wednesday at 4:23 PM
by Cheshirecatqee1875
Add me please
Posted by Seagoat
11 Wednesday at 7:26 AM
by Horsedancer1
lets refill the friend list
Posted by Thania/Tiffania/Trisania
4 Tuesday at 10:03 AM
by kiki_ar
Linda-Lee Willis transferred from FB
Posted by NanaimoIsland
3 Monday at 5:34 PM
by Cindy Hefferman
Swapped over from FB, LF new friends
Posted by Meadbh Barnwell
8 Monday at 5:33 PM
by Cindy Hefferman
Need More Friends
Posted by svteen
10 Monday at 4:59 PM
by Cindy Hefferman
More friends?
Posted by Ron Cole
6 Monday at 4:57 PM
by Cindy Hefferman
I need friends!
Posted by Wristycloud93
7 Monday at 4:55 PM
by Cindy Hefferman
Switched over from Facebook... Looking for old Friends
Posted by Yira Mystic
4 Monday at 4:54 PM
by Cindy Hefferman
All my friends have gone -- Add Me
Posted by Clay Willis
8 Monday at 4:54 PM
by Cindy Hefferman
in need of some new friends
Posted by thundersnow63
8 Monday at 4:53 PM
by Cindy Hefferman
Add me!
Posted by diannewale
8 Monday at 4:53 PM
by Cindy Hefferman
Add me please!
Posted by Anja Giersch
3 Monday at 4:53 PM
by Cindy Hefferman