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Amicus Isle Robot Armor
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Link to post - Posted January 7th at 2:19 PM
Last Edited January 7th at 2:19 PM
Just curious as to how many pieces of the Robot Armor there is, to see if I'm missing any.

I have:
Robot Helmet (hat)
Robot Jetpack (cape)
Robot Gloves (gauntlets)
Robot Sword (sword)

Is that it, or is there a chestpiece?
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Link to post - Posted January 7th at 4:25 PM
not Raymond
no such thing as chest piece, that is the jetpack backpack.
the real question is, is there a glasses/goggles and the answer is NO as goggles inside that helmet would be useless. and i have tried to convince the Devs, to no avail, that people might just wear a goggles and not the helmet or any combination of none to all of the items.
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