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Paragon Brotherhood & Heroic Missions

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Link to post - Posted December 3rd 2014 at 3:55 PM
Justin Stocks (CNE Dev)
Paragon Brotherhood

The Paragon Brotherhood is a new building and end-game system that helps you power up your character once you reach max level. You're able to accept jobs off of the Brotherhood jobs board and complete them to earn Paragon Tokens. You can spend Paragon Tokens on bonuses for your character or max level epic gear. The available jobs encompass all aspects of the game, so you're able to earn Tokens while playing many different game systems. Some examples of jobs are:

- Complete a specific heroic missions
- Complete a specific multi-player dungeon
- Donate gold/lumber/companion XP to the Brotherhood (a use for Lumber/CExp/etc. after you've maxed out your town and companions)
- Battle or win in the arena
- Defeat bosses in the Hall of Trials
- Etc.

Heroic Missions

Once you reach maximum level, you'll be able to play the Heroic versions of every mission. Heroic versions are balanced for a few levels above maximum, so they'll be more challenging then anything you've played before (excluding higher levels of the Hall of Trials, of course). They award max level loot, gold, lumber, companion XP, etc. You earn one Paragon Token for doing a Heroic Mission, in addition to any job specific Paragon tokens. There are some new achievements associated with doing Heroic missions as well.

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