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Ranger Passive Not Working Properly

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Link to post - Posted November 11th 2014 at 2:59 PM
*This was also initially posted in General Discussion. After some thought, I believe it should be posted here instead.

Typically, Rangers find themselves with half of the ap or ad of a wizard, with compensation in the form of the alternative.

As an example
Warrior - 1000 AD
Wizard - 1000 AP
Ranger - 500 AP/500 AD.

Now the problem is with the passive skill, which boosts the AP/AD of the player.

A rank 15 passive for warrior gives then 15% AP - 1000x0.15 = 150 AD.
A rank 15 passive for wizard gives 15% AP - 1000x0.15 = 150 AP.
Why then, for a class that gets half of each, do they get 7.5% AP/AD?
This means that you can't use shards with equal effect as a Wizard or a Warrior.

Rank 15 Ranger 500APx0.075 = 37.5 AP 500ADx0.075=37.5 AD.

Therefore we get a composite value of 75.

This is imbalanced and discriminatory against Rangers. Please rectify this so that we can have slightly more competitive DPS, which lags heavily behind both Warriors and Wizards.

To further illustrate, let's say you put an upgraded AD shards on a warrior, who then goes to 1300.

1300ADx0.15 = 195 Boost

If you put the same shard on a ranger
800ADx0.075 = 60 Boost
500APx0.075 = 37.5 Boost
97.5 Composite Boost

At base, the skill difference provided equal composite AP+AD of the two classes is 75.
When you gear a warrior/mage with shards to boost their skills, the difference grows to 97.5.

This means that unless you rectify this, the difference will grow and grow as Ranger grow more obsolete damage wise.

To illustrate the fix
800ADx0.15 = 120 Boost
500APx0.15 = 75

Both classes now get a 195 boost from their talent.

Please respect class balance as it is necessary for all players to feel that their efforts are not in vain. Thank you.
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