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Ranger Class Underpowered - Dexterity Passive needs rework.

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Link to post - Posted November 8th 2014 at 9:33 PM
Ranger is underpowered for many reasons, but in this particular thread feel free to post out things that you notice.

Typically, Rangers find themselves with half of the ap or ad of a wizard, with compensation in the form of the alternative.

As an example
Warrior - 1000 AD
Wizard - 1000 AP
Ranger - 500 AP/500 AD.

Now the problem is with the passive skill, which boosts the AP/AD of the player.

A rank 15 passive for warrior gives then 15% AP - 1000x0.15 = 150 AD.
A rank 15 passive for wizard gives 15% AP - 1000x0.15 = 150 AP.
Why then, for a class that gets half of each, do they get 7.5% AP/AD?
This means that you can't use shards with equal effect as a Wizard or a Warrior.

Rank 15 Ranger 500APx0.075 = 37.5 AP 500ADx0.075=37.5 AD.

Therefore we get a composite value of 75.

This is imbalanced and discriminatory against Rangers. Please rectify this so that we can have slightly more competitive DPS, which lags heavily behind both Warriors and Wizards.

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Link to post - Posted November 8th 2014 at 9:38 PM
Last Edited November 10th 2014 at 6:45 AM
To further illustrate, let's say you put an upgraded AD shards on a warrior, who then goes to 1300.

1300ADx0.15 = 195 Boost

If you put the same shard on a ranger
800ADx0.075 = 60 Boost
500APx0.075 = 37.5 Boost
97.5 Composite Boost

At base, the skill difference provided equal composite AP+AD of the two classes is 75.
When you gear a warrior/mage with shards to boost their skills, the difference grows to 97.5.

This means that unless you rectify this, the difference will grow and grow as Ranger grow more obsolete damage wise.

To illustrate the fix
800ADx0.15 = 120 Boost
500APx0.15 = 75

Magically, both classes get a 195 boost from their talent.

Please respect class balance as it is necessary for all players to feel that their efforts are not in vain. Thank you.

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Link to post - Posted November 9th 2014 at 11:39 AM
I think there should be a dexterity shard in the quarry too, so we don't have to use an AD and an AP shard while the other classes can just use one or the other and have health or defense too.

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Link to post - Posted November 10th 2014 at 12:35 PM
This is a major problem. Not only the Skill in itself which should be 15% not 7.5%, because the Value is already halved like VDBai said.

This problem goes through the WHOLE game for Archers. They are majorly disadvantaged.

Ignatius also states the Shards, which have the same problem. An AD or AP shard only helps an archer half cause the skill only adds 7.5% while the other classes get 15%.

The point is also the AD and AP of an Ranger is always lower compared to Warrior or Mage, with that even the shop buffs or buffs from clan are only worth HALF!
Mage or Warrior get more out of the AD/AP boost from store/clan shop because they have bigger values then the Ranger. Ranger practical need to pay twice (double the amount) of the other 2 classes to get the same values out.

This will upset players who realise it and it is a really huge imbalance.

Solutions would be like mentioned, not AD/AP bases shard/skill boost/shop items/clan shop items, instead base values as DEX or STR beeing influenced by it.

For the Skill not 7,5% AD/AP maybe turn it into 15% DEX, obviously for the other 2 classes too. This would make it alot more fair and fix this issue.
Same goes for buff potions, not AD/AP but DEX/STR/INT potions.

It's so sad to play a ranger currently =(.

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Link to post - Posted November 10th 2014 at 5:16 PM
Still seeking input from developers.

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Link to post - Posted November 12th 2014 at 2:53 PM
Last Edited November 12th 2014 at 2:55 PM
Justin Stocks (CNE Dev)
Hey guys, thanks for the detailed feedback. We're looking into general class balance at this time. Specifically we're gathering stats on damage and speed scores across all classes and levels, and will make changes as necessary. In general though, a Ranger's AD+AP should roughly equal a warrior's AD or mage's AP. I posted in another thread about Ranger weapons being bugged (giving roughly half the intended AD/AP), and we'll be fixing that soon.

One thing to keep in mind for Rangers is that *since* all their skills use AD and AP, they gain damage boosts from nearly all secondary stats, regardless of which stats are rolled. A blue item for a warrior that rolls intelligence or AP has a (mostly) wasted stat slot, while rangers can make full use of that.

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Link to post - Posted November 12th 2014 at 3:14 PM
Why would you punish us for being a hybrid? The whole point of gear hunting for wizards and mages is to optimize their strength or intelligence. Their is no incentive for rangers due to us not scaling as well. Warriors and rangers have better stat scaling. Fixing the weapons and boosting our stat boost to 15 percent would make us competitive

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Link to post - Posted November 12th 2014 at 3:20 PM
Justin Stocks (CNE Dev)
Thanks VDBai. We'll get the bonuses on the Dexterous skill fixed up too. It's not intended that they be worse than Warrior/Wizard bonuses.
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