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FAQ: Mini Challenge Events

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Kittychix (Chloe)
How do I play this event?
During your normal gameplay on any monkey, special challenge eggs (red, with a "!") will appear. Break these eggs to receive a special challenge.

How do I complete challenges?
Simple as "Break Eggs!"
Each challenge has a required number of items (referred to as McGuffins) that you must collect within the specified time limit. Collect the items by finding them in eggs. Items may be multiplied.

What are the different types of challenges?
There are two types of challenges you can find:
- Common Challenges have a 6 hour time limit, and reward 3 challenge prize tokens per challenge.
- (3) Rare Challenges have an 1 hour time limit, and rewards a unique prize.

What do I do with Challenge Prize Tokens?
Exchange them for prizes! On the main Monkey Islands, look for the special "Mini Event Monkey" (she's the one who is in a purple sparkly dress and wings!). If she doesn't immediately appear on your main island, after you interact with her, she will. Click to activate her, and if you have earned enough tokens, click any of the silhouetted prizes to trade your tokens for the prize! Common/Uncommon prizes cost 2 tokens, and can be purchased in any order. Once you have purchased all the prizes, you will no longer receive mini event challenge eggs.

How do I progress in the event?
- To earn the bulk of the event progression, you will need to finish challenges and then trade those tokens for prizes!
- If you successful collect all twelve Common and Uncommon prizes, you will be awarded a special trophy at the end of the event.
- Completion of rare challenges will also contribute toward total event progression, but are NOT needed to earn the special Prize trophy. If you successfully complete ALL fifteen challenges, your event progress will be over 100% - congrats!

Can I put the prizes I trade my tokens for into my trophy room?
No you cannot, but you do get to keep upon earning…
- Event Completion Trophy: Earned by successfully earning the 12 Common and Uncommon Prizes
- Rare Challenge Prize: Hammer*
- Rare Challenge Prize: Event Hat*
- Rare Challenge Prize: Trophy Room Custom Item*

*Assumes successful completion of the Rare Challenges. Items/Hat/Hammer change design based on event theme.

Where can I see how much time is left in the event?
On both the main island screen (bottom left corner) and on the egg breaking screen (bottom right corner, by the monkey), you can click on the name of the Event and you will see both your progress bar, as well as how much time is remaining.

I previously completed a Mini Challenge Event, does that progress carry over in any way? It does not, with each new event, the Mini Challenge Monkey will reset her progress, so you won't get confused between events!

Why does my Mini Challenge Event Monkey say that I am 20% completed, while my event progression says I am 25%?
This is because the event progression and Monkey are tracking two slightly different things:
- The event progression bar tracks how many prizes (of the 'Common' 12 you trade tokens for) you have earned, and thus, how close you are to earning the completion trophy for the event.
- The Mini Challenge Event Monkey tracks you progress on *all* the event challenges, including both the 12 Common prizes as well as the 3 rare challenges for the Event Hat, Hammer and Trophy Room item.

I own an Area/Holiday Token hat - will wearing either of those hats help me in this event?
Unfortunately, they will not. Tokens are only awarded during a Mini Challenge even when you successfully finish a challenge, and are awarded in a set amount.

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