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FAQ: Egg Breaker Adventures

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Kittychix (Chloe) (CNE Dev)
What is Egg Breaker Adventures?
It's a game where you break eggs, win prizes, and make friends!

How do I play?
To break eggs and see what is inside you just have click them. Some eggs need more hammers to break than others. Collect all the prizes in a stage by winning the win only in eggs, and saving the gold you need to buy the buy only prizes. Complete all the stages in a Monkey to earn the trophy which you can use to decorate your trophy room. You will also earn score for each break, which is used to rank your progress against others in the Rankings.

What are Bananas for and how do I get them?
Two sets of Bananas grow on the trees on the Monkey Selection Island. It takes 10 hours for a set to grow and they grow one at a time, so it takes 20 hours for both sets to complete. Feed the bananas to the monkey of your choice by clicking the monkey, or by clicking the bananas. When you feed a monkey it gets a set of daily hammers to play on its stages. Unused daily hammers expire 20 hours after activating a monkey, so be sure to use them all!

How many hammers does each banana get me?
It depends on how many stages you've completed on that monkey! Most monkeys start with around 200 hammers per banana and gain 100 per stage completed to 100%. Completing events also help to permanently increase your daily hammers, by +5, +10 or +15 depending on the ribbon progress you earned.

How do I get more hammers?
Every 10 hours a Banana finishing growing. Feed grown bananas to the monkey of your choice to get a set of daily hammers for that monkey. You can also buy hammers with tokens won in each area from the in game store. Additionally you can purchase large amounts hammers with Monkey Bucks. Hammers purchased with Monkey Bucks are usable in all monkeys and do not expire.

Why are some hammers called Daily Hammers?
Daily hammers are the hammers you get each DAY, and they expire when the monkey gets hungry again which is 20 hours after being fed.
Note: All hammers purchased with Monkey Bucks DO NOT expire.

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Kittychix (Chloe) (CNE Dev)
What are the different egg types?
Normal Eggs - Normal eggs are the plain random colored eggs that make up most of the eggs you break on a stage. Normal eggs have a base cost of 1 hammer.
Silver Eggs - Silver eggs are easily recognized by their silver color and silver glow. Silver eggs double anything you win in them, and are the only eggs that you can win additional hammers in. Silver eggs have a base cost of 2 hammers.
Gold Eggs - Gold eggs are easily recognized by their golden color and golden glow. Gold eggs never contain nothings and are the only eggs that contain the rare prizes. Gold eggs also have much higher regular prize odds. Gold eggs have a base cost of 3 hammers.
Buff Eggs - Buff eggs are bright blue glowing eggs. The only thing you can win from a buff egg is a buff. Buff eggs cannot be multiplied so using your multiplier with a buff egg will just have it returned to you.

What is a buff?
A buff is an additional bonus that applies to a limited number of egg breaks. You can either purchase buffs through the store for Monkey Bucks or win them through buff eggs.

What are the different kinds of buffs?
No Nothings - That's pretty self-explanatory, isn't it? No matter what kind of egg you break, you will not receive a "nothing".
More Special Eggs - When this buff is active you will have a higher chance of getting Silver, Gold, or Buff eggs
More Multipliers - You have a higher chance of winning a multiplier when you break an egg.
More Stars - You have a higher chance of winning stars when you break an egg.
Base 2x Multiplier - Everything you win with a base 2x multiplier will be doubled. This stacks with a silver egg as well as your multiplier if you are using it.

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Last Edited May 15th 2014 at 10:35 AM
Kittychix (Chloe) (CNE Dev)
What do prizes do?
In order to complete a stage in Egg Breaker Adventures, you must collect every prize for that stage. There are three kinds of prizes, and you can check how many you have of each type left by looking underneath the buttons when you're selecting a stage, or in the bottom right of the game window while inside a stage. Normal - Normal prizes are the most likely prize to appear randomly from an egg. They can appear from any type of egg. Rare - Rare Prizes can either be found in Gold eggs or can be purchased through the store for either tokens or Monkey Bucks. They provide a higher reward than Common Prizes. Buy Only - Buy Only Prizes cannot be found in eggs. You must purchase them from the store in exchange for gold in order to collect them all. You will usually want to move on to the next stage in order to earn enough gold for all the Buy Only Prizes.

What does gold do?
You can use gold to purchase buy-only prizes, shelves and other decorations for your trophy room, or equipable hammers.

What do multipliers do?
In some eggs you will win multipliers. These multipliers can be used to multiply whatever will be won in an egg. You can use multipliers at any time, either right away for a quick bonus or saved up for a larger win with more risk.

What do star pieces do?
5 star pieces make a complete star. Stars can destroy every egg in a batch at once. The amount of stars you must use depends on the stage you're in. In Normal Stages it costs 1 star, in Silver Stages it costs 2 stars, and in Gold Stages it costs 3 stars.

What do tokens do?
There are several kinds of tokens you can earn during gameplay:
You can use area tokens to buy rare prizes, hammers, multipliers, or stars!
When an event is running, you will earn event tokens in addition to

What does a "nothing" do?
Well... nothing for you directly for you, although it does add to the jackpot!

What is the jackpot?
Every Monkey has a gold jackpot that grows every time somebody playing that monkey hits a "nothing". This amount is listed at the top of the game screen. In every egg you break you always have a small chance to win the jackpot.

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Kittychix (Chloe) (CNE Dev)
How do I unlock the next stage in a Monkey?
Keep breaking eggs, eventually your score will build up enough for you to unlock the next stage! You can see how much score you need to unlock a stage from the stage select screen.

I've finished every stage in my Monkey! What now?
Congratulations! Before you leave, do make sure you've purchased the equipable hammer from that stage. You'll be disappointed if you leave it behind! If you have unlocked the hammer already, congratulations! Cash out your monkey and feed one of the other monkeys on the island a crystal banana and start working towards completion!

How do I cash out a Monkey?
Once you have completed a monkey to 100%, you can take a one-time payout from that monkey, to use towards a future monkey or event.
You can take with you, based on the stash you have remaning:
- a range of hammers
- a range of full stars
- a range of multipliers
- a range of gold

What about all of the stars and gold I have left behind with the monkey I was just playing?
Not all stars, gold, hammers, can be transferred from monkey to monkey. The monkeys do not share well with each other :)

How do I equip my new equipable hammer?
Click on the button on the menu bar that looks like a hammer, then select the hammer you'd like to use. Easy!

How do I unlock a Monkey?
When you complete a stage in any monkey you are awarded a Crystal Banana. Each monkey costs a number of Crystal Bananas to unlock. Clicking a locked monkey will bring up the option to unlock him.

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Kittychix (Chloe) (CNE Dev)
The game is asking me to send crates to my friends! What should I do?
Send crates to your friends, and ask them to send you some in return! Crates are very helpful! Don't forget to send them hammer sacks too - you get 3 to send out every day!

My friend sent me a crate! Where can I find it?
In your inventory! Just click the button that looks like a crate with an "i" on it.

What is the weekly map challenge?
The weekly map is a treasure map made of 9 pieces you receive at random from eggs. If you complete the map, you receive a special item for your trophy room!

How do I access my trophy room?
Just hit the "trophy room" button in the top right corner when you're viewing the island!

How do I decorate my trophy room?
Your trophy room can be decorated with items you find in eggs or purchase from various stores. To place them in your trophy room, go to the trophy room screen from the monkey select screen. Each monkey has a trophy room themed after them, unlock the trophy room by playing that monkey. When in a trophy room all unplaced trophy and decoration items will appear at the bottom of the screen. To place an item in the trophy room drag it from the bottom bar and drop it anywhere that highlights green in the trophy room. To put an item back in your inventory, drag it from it's location in the trophy room to the inventory bar at the bottom of the screen. The item should highlight blue if it will be removed from the trophy room.
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