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Nintendo Switch Issues

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Link to post - Posted November 20th 2022 at 10:58 AM
this first "season" has revealed a lot of handicaps on the player experience using the Switch.

Primarily, Freezing and crashing making the game unplayable. Discouraging game play and losing progress.

Second, None of the season quests off-screen registered any progress. So now in the final days I am seeing quests from week 5 and 6 that should have finished by now if they had registered progress. As I have still not reached the trials of Mt Tiamat that week 1 quest is just hanging out blocking progress. If I have 10 visible quests and 42 available that means 32 are stalled off-screen doing nothing even though that week has come and gone.
~Additionally quest progress was only counted towards daily quests if I actively managed the party. Parties using automated modron cores made no quest progress offline.

Third, Having played as often as possibly I have only managed to reach tier 8 this season and nowhere near the modron core. The only prize that is really worth having is so far out of reach I know there is no point in every getting a season pass again. I mean sure 5 characters are now super powerful... but that's one group out of dozens.

Fourth, Switching parties more than 3 times to manage 4+ parties almost always crashes the game. I think 1 in 10 log ins I can manage all 4 active parties before my first crash and restart. The game always crashes and that almost always end my play for the day.

Lastly, since no cloud save or sync is available all of the invested money and progress in the Switch version is essentially wasted since the experience is tragically different than the P.C. experience of the game. I own the p.c. version as well, but imagine why starting over with none of my time and cash investments being accounted for... well the game is not that entertaining to start from scratch.

Any one else having these issues?
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