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Update: A Song of Thrones Event, 2021 Edition!

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Link to post - Posted July 15th at 12:41 PM
Erika/Alyniana (CNE Dev) out of the depths of the mountain cave scurries your newest Crusader friend.

A Song of Thrones 6 has arrived, bringing with it the hard worker, Zuczek the Fire-Blooded.

This year's event runs until Tuesday, July 27th at 12:00 PM Pacific Time (UTC -7), introducing Zuczek the Fire-Blooded and bringing back Imani Saskien, Holddoor, The Wolf King, RoboQueen, Zombie Winter, Leerion, the Royal Dwarf, and Brogon, Prince of Dragons!

Check out more details about the event update on our official blog!

3569 Posts
Link to post - Posted July 22nd at 2:04 PM
Erika/Alyniana (CNE Dev)
Zuczek has been rebalanced as of version .299.2. There is now a cap of 40,000 stacks on Laugh in the Face of Fire, and her 5th slot rune values have been scaled down for levels 6 to 15.

- Compensation has been given out for this change.
- All players are receiving 2 All Tier Thrones Jeweled chests.
- If Zuczek is owned, players receive 1 Arcane Geode, 1 Rune Solvent and 1 Level 5 Fire Rune.
- If a player had stacks on Zuczek over the new cap, they will receive a percentage of Deloreans for the stacks over the cap, to make up for if they spent some Time Warps on charging Zuczek.
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