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Update: Alien Invasion Day Event, 2021 Edition!

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Link to post - Posted June 24th at 2:37 PM
Last Edited June 24th at 2:37 PM
Erika/Alyniana (CNE Dev)

The aliens return with Alien Invasion Day Tier 6!

This year's event runs until Tuesday, July 6th at 12PM Pacific, introducing Qadir of House Tintahal and bringing back Queen Ysjorgnak, Xygallix, the Alien Mechanic, First Lady Betty Smithsonian, Red, the Ace Pilot, Slisiblyp, the Alien Scientist, Kizlblyp, the Alien Traitor, and President Billy Smithsonian!

Qadir of House Tintahal is a Support Crusader. When you want to add them to your formation, you can find them in slot 24.

Check out more information on the official blog!
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