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Ghostbeards greed / to infinity and beyond

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Link to post - Posted April 30th at 2:14 PM
I finished to infinity and beyond and i didn't notice any difference, it said's that increase your max number to 1.00e400, what max number?

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Link to post - Posted May 3rd at 4:38 AM
Last Edited May 3rd at 4:39 AM
There is a max dps cap in the game. For beginners its around 2*e308 / 2*10^308. Even if your crusaders would be capable of dealing more damage, the game blocks you from doing it. This makes you stop somewhere around the mid 1500 areas, with a boss being invincible (it was a real limit way back, thanks to coding and they left it in as a feature after they solved it). But if you complete that challenge then the game will let you go over the limit till 10^400. There are other challenges and a talent in T7 that pushes even further this limit. If you didn't reached that point yet, then it wont do anything for you, but you presolved a future hardship.

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Link to post - Posted May 3rd at 11:43 AM
Your answer is very clarifying thank you.
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