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Sleeping Beauty Tier 5

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Link to post - Posted April 13th at 4:47 AM
Chris Daniels
What fresh hell is this ?
Is somebody having a laugh at the game player's expense ?
It's almost impossible to get past single drop item areas !!!
Forwards - Backwards - Forwards again - Praying that the item drops before your formation wipes......

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Link to post - Posted April 13th at 9:10 AM
Last Edited April 13th at 9:11 AM
Erika/Alyniana (CNE Dev)
Crusaders that stun/slow monsters can help slow down the Prince, and the Crusaders that lower the number of monsters required for drops to occur can help.

You can also, if Karen is available in a section, have her 9 lives survive the Prince as well.

There's also the option to keep a Taskmaster on the Auto-Progress button to keep the formation moving forward.

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Link to post - Posted April 13th at 10:04 AM
Putting Euodia, Trixie, Bruno, Ysjornak, Dros, and/or Pascal will help immensely for those single-drop areas.

If those aren't available for you, Alan can stall for you by stunning the Prince for a long time when he reaches the formation, letting Karen's lives last longer. If that's still not enough, Slis can slow every enemy on screen with the "Omniclicking" talent. If even THAT is still not enough, Princess of Time can keep the Prince away forever. By slowing his movements with Slis and Zombie Winter (assuming the Prince is in the front), he shouldn't be able to reach your formation before Princess time-stops and pushes him back again.

DISCLAIMER: I haven't actually done the objective myself. But Erika said Prince could be stunned and slowed, so I'm assuming he can be pushed back, too.

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Link to post - Posted April 14th at 2:55 AM
Chris Daniels
I've had Karen at the front since the start and I have crusaders to increase drops, etc, but when those crusaders are sleeping, they are of no use what-so-ever.
Thanks for the tip about putting a task master on the auto advance button though - I wasn't aware that this was an option.

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Link to post - Posted April 14th at 6:08 AM
Chris Daniels
Just to report that I've managed to complete this now. I did have President Billy & Trixael in the formation, but I added Ysjorgnak & Pascal, plus I put a taskmaster on the auto progress button. Thanks for your advice :)
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