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Concern about deterioration of Marzimallow's Tempering Master & Legendary Bunny

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Link to post - Posted March 26th at 8:52 PM
Last Edited March 26th at 8:54 PM
Since 0.287.1 update, The Tempering Master and Legendary Bunny got 1/3 of its effectiveness and there was additive level for Legendary Bunny and let's clarify that Marzimallow is not as powerful, but not even just as overpowered as it was before and they are now degenerate, declawed and defanged.

I think the revamp would mitigate what was lost.

If there is no other way, then 5th rune slot effect would be good for Marzimallow to restore what once was lost in power.

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Link to post - Posted April 18th at 10:05 AM
Agreed. When it released, I immediately got excited. A new crusader that makes a real and quantifiable difference. It was such a huge buff, I actually felt like adding this new addition to the game to my runs would make a tangible, meaningful difference. I mean, it still DOES, feels like kind of a slap in the face. "Here's a new, powerful crusader!" Oh, cool! It's a real game-changer! "Waitwaitwait, no, can't have that, weaken it." It isn't like it was so powerful because of a glitch or exploit. It worked as intended. And it was powerful because of exactly what it was meant to do. Fixing the glitch with the runes when they first released made sense. Going from area 9000 to area 17,000 overnight is obviously way too much and not working as intended. But Marz was just pretty powerful and that's all.

It kind of felt like a treat (ha) for the last third of the dungeons. "Hey, we're in the last 30 days of this season, have an extremely powerful crusader to make these days count!"
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