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Event Update: Hermit's Premature Party, 2021 Edition!

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Link to post - Posted March 4th at 4:12 PM
Last Edited March 4th at 4:13 PM
Erika/Alyniana (CNE Dev)

Hermit is always extra excited at this time of year, though this year even he is surprised at how quickly it came!

As St. Patrick's Day approaches, the Washed-Up Hermit triples his efforts to provide the latest Premature Party, drawing the attention of a being ancient and wise. Inviting herself to this year's soiree is Gwendolyn, Daughter of Night, here to ring in St. Patrick's Day with a rousing and wild hunt!

This year's event runs until Tuesday, March 16th at 12PM PDT, introducing Gwendolyn, Daughter of Night and bringing back Tiernan, Ana Guinness, Saint Patrokia, Squiggles the Clown, Snickette the Sneaky, Kyle the Party Bro, and Larry the Leprechaun!

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