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It's the 2019 Patriot Event!
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Link to post - Posted July 4th at 8:35 PM
Well, 1 and 2 have just taken care of themselves. 3 is still a sore spot though. Who needs 241 history books??
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Link to post - Posted July 5th at 5:45 AM
Keep power-whacking critters whenever your power bar gets at least 1/3 full; you'll occasionally get a bunch of quest items. That's how I got the last 14 books I needed.
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Link to post - Posted July 8th at 1:18 PM
Nickshire (CNE Dev)
I believe I've misled people into thinking the next event is starting this Friday! However, to ensure two weeks between it and the Patriot event, it will be starting the following Friday, on July 19th. Very sorry for the confusion!
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