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Ad bonus glitches

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Link to post - Posted January 19th at 1:56 PM
Ads are having a difficult time actually giving the bonus. I watch an ad, but then...nothing. So I watch another and nothing. I refresh and now there's no ad bonus available. 5 more refreshes and there's an ad bonus available, but I watch the ad and don't get the bonus.

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Link to post - Posted January 25th at 12:08 PM
Still hasn't been fixed. I am now constantly getting "Ad bonus available", no bonus given, refresh, "No ad bonus available". SOMEtimes I actually get it to work on a refresh, but that seems to be less and less common now.

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Link to post - Posted February 6th at 9:23 AM
One thing I've noticed (since early January) is that sometimes when the Ad completes, there is a long pause with nothing happening (up to around 30 seconds or more) before the Kong awards the buff. Maybe that's what you're seeing?
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