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Princess Pool Party Free play stops at boss 1585 taking no damage, wiping party

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Link to post - Posted January 17th at 9:15 AM
Was going strong until boss at 1585... after easily wiping the little guys, boss came out and took zero damage (not even a progress bar) until wiping my party. Still happens after reloading game. Is this some sort of area limit? Thanks

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Link to post - Posted January 17th at 10:24 AM
Erika/Alyniana (CNE Dev)
Yes, it's because the DPS caps at e308 until you unlock upgrades through completing the requisite 11th objectives.

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Link to post - Posted January 17th at 1:10 PM
Last Edited January 17th at 1:15 PM
To add a little more clarification to Erika's description, the DPS cap only affects YOUR crusaders. So once you hit e308, your damage can't go any higher, and that's the point the game considers "infinity". That means that enemies with e308 HEALTH become unkillable due to the game registering them as "infinite health". If your DPS is 5.0e307, then it will take 1 full second for you to kill enemies with 5.0e307 health, but then in another area or two, it might take you TWO seconds to kill an enemy, but 5.0e307 times 2 would be 1.0e308. That means that even if YOU haven't hit the DPS cap, monster health has. Any time you are not killing monsters within 1 second, it means they have higher health than your DPS, so monster health can possibly reach the cap before your DPS can.

Once you raise the DPS cap, the same enemies will not be considered "infinite health" because their health isn't at the new DPS cap anymore.

Just being more clear since "Why can't I beat this immortal enemy?" doesn't seem to be properly answered by "Your damage isn't high enough." Why would MY damage affect an enemy that takes NO damage? Because video game logic lol But it could be confusing if not fully explained anyway.

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Link to post - Posted January 17th at 5:09 PM
Thank you Erika

Thanks Animenut,

That explains why for the first time in years of play that an enemy just suddenly became invincible for no apparent reason. No message popped up on the screen to let me know hit I my "DPS cap", and nothing in-game to explain what that means.

Searching online only found an announcement from CE and some cryptic discussions about 'the 11 Objective' buried in forum threads. Not very enlightening.

Anyway... To raise my "DPS cap" I need to complete the "11th Objective"?
Where can I find that? In looking at my Campaign Objectives Menu, the uncompleted objectives have little numbers in tags. Are those the 'objective numbers'?

Thanks again!

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Link to post - Posted January 17th at 9:45 PM
Ghostbeard's Greed has the first DPS cap increase, "To Infinity and Beyond!", a tier-3 objective. Completing that objective will increase the DPS cap to e400. The second (and latest, currently) one is in Ready Player Two, "Bullet Hell", another tier-3 objective, and will further raise the cap to e600, the current absolute cap.

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Link to post - Posted January 18th at 2:30 PM
Last Edited January 19th at 12:05 PM
Seems I need to stop grinding idols and start completing some objectives. Thanks Animenut!

EDIT: Must have made a typo in Google, just found (CNE's explanation of 11th Objectives) and (The Fandom Wiki describing Tier 3 11th Objectives and how to increase the DPS limit and maximum area that can be reached)
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