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Steam Achievement Not Triggered

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Link to post - Posted January 7th at 8:03 AM
Is there a way to redo past campaign objectives, no reward is necessary, but it will trigger the Steam achievement? I am including an image of the completed objective in the game and then the locked achievement in Steam - All other achievements unlocked properly. As you can see it is the last achievement that needs to be unlocked but I have already completed the campaign.

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Link to post - Posted January 7th at 10:00 AM
not Raymond
to do any of the 11'th hour objectives, you need both to have done all or the related tier quests in that objective, plus all prior 11'th hour ones. your picture does not show ones up above so i assume you must not have done some
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Link to post - Posted January 14th at 8:11 PM
As shown in the picture all of the related tier quests have been completed and are at level 3 now except for Cheaters which is level 2 and the Raid quest is a level 1. The Raid quest itself is also checked off showing that it has been completed, which shouldn't be completed if it didn't meet the previous requirements. All other steam achievements have been completed and all other quests are at minimum level 2 if not higher. If there is something specific I can screen capture I can and post it.
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