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Storm Rider not stacking on PC correctly

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Link to post - Posted December 29th at 8:02 AM

Storm Rider on PC is not multiplying the buffs correctly. It works fine on Android.

Thalia with Level 6 Ring Leg. 3200% bonus
Golden Leg amulet for 300%
Talent max'd for 250%
Gives only 4620% buff on tooltip on PC.

On Android the same buffs give 27720%
And 55440% with a max Magnify.

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Link to post - Posted January 2nd at 11:26 AM
Last Edited January 2nd at 11:29 AM
Erika/Alyniana (CNE Dev)
Base Storm Rider, with no gear or Talents, is 10%.

With the Talent, Storm Rider becomes 35%.

The 300% buff is a x4 multiplier, so that would be 140% per Storm Rider cast.

Then the 3200% buff, is a x 33 multiplier, which is the proper 4620% that you're seeing with no Magnify on the PC.

Sounds like the mobile version is incorrect then, or you're using Frosty on mobile.
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