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google chrome/flash yet again

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Link to post - Posted December 19th at 4:55 PM
not Raymond
they removed that 'ephemeral' override setting in the latest version. 71
but there is another workaround.
create a text file of the following, and call it something with a .reg extension. then double click it in the folder where you saved it.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00




one perhaps should change those last 2 'wildcards' to be /lostidols/* and /bushwhackertwo/* of course with both http and https

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Link to post - Posted December 19th at 5:18 PM
Who is this for, the players or the devs? If players, then it's a lot of jargon I can't begin to comprehend. What changed, how does that affect the game, and how does your suggestion approach that effect? Explain it as if you're talking to a 97-year-old who doesn't know what a "computer mouse" is, because what I'm seeing might as well be a Martian language from another universe for as well as I have any clue what's being said or why.

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Link to post - Posted December 19th at 5:22 PM
not Raymond
for players who ARE NIOW again inundated to having to allow flash each and every time that they open the chrome browser and try to play this game. every time.
a prior solution to a prior change worked till this version.
that was as follows
but google hated that everyone was overriding their dictatorial denoucement of flash and removed that ability in this version.
the above change is a windows registry change. you can do in the registry itself, or as i said though that .reg file that i direct you how to make.
or just do not use chrome. tell google to stick it.
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