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help with from the ashes

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Link to post - Posted December 15th at 12:16 AM
not Raymond
i can get to 1320. have 380 million idols and all crusaders except the 3 buy only ones. have legendaries on everyone above bench 10 and some below bench 10. have L5 on most who i use.
my crusaders are all nearly max 9125.
i figure like 'fox only' the strategy at least in 1300-1350 is to let the wizard and snake die. but i can't figure who to use besides phoenix in the 3 spots that can exist alive. and my crusaders do not seem strong enough anyway.

here is the general positioning of the snake and wizard and my 3

p.s. where are those 2 in 1350-1400 and 1400-1450?


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Last Edited December 15th at 12:20 AM
not Raymond
my 3 are not real, just experiments. this is what i need help with.
how did others do it?
oh i have lingering buffs at 5

my talents before i bought LB5

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Link to post - Posted December 15th at 7:56 AM
Why are you letting everyone else die? They can buff Phoenix! Use Karen as a tank since she can be healed by Phoenix wherever Phoenix is, and build the rest of the formation from there. I did it with ~220m idols, so you should have no problem @ 380m. Also, why LB5? All you need is LB1 or 2, otherwise you get significant diminishing returns. You'll get much higher dps putting that into your other T5 talents like CS, VE, MA, etc. There's several talent calculators out there to help you.

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Link to post - Posted December 15th at 8:07 AM
not Raymond
i just reached 1401 from the area in my picture using the method i described. the buffing you mention is not enough for even a dozen or so areas.
I have to step out for a few hours. will study a kong forum topic when i get back. i never liked any of the talent calculators and am sure they are out of date with the new stuff. but thanks.

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Link to post - Posted December 15th at 4:30 PM
not Raymond
can not exst in area 1501 long enough to put people where they need to be. 1359-1400 is sufficient for some of the important people but just different enough to make it madening. i have arrowed back and forth to twiddlepeople for over an hour and still am not getting past 1 area of last set of 50

kong formations not working. anyone done rhgis since new talents?
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