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Congratulations, CNE

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Link to post - Posted November 21st at 2:52 PM
I've just met a fellow player that strongly, adamantly, stubbornly asserts that COTLI is not an idle game. He absolutely REFUSES to acknowledge that it is an idle game. He says he hates idle games, yet plays COTLI, so it must not be an idle game. So, again, congratulations to CNE for making an idle game that is SO GOOD that even idle-haters don't recognize that it's an idle game.

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Link to post - Posted November 21st at 3:10 PM
Erika/Alyniana (CNE Dev)
That's pretty awesome. Thanks for sharing!

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Link to post - Posted November 21st at 3:42 PM
To share one of his comments...

"for me it plays like a normal game - i'm collecting gear, materials and other thingies, managing characters, distributing them among different tasks, and occasionally taking part in direct action, when things het harder.

so, it's like a strategy, collectible game, time manager and almost an action game at times.
all in all, enough features to make it enjoyable - unlike the boring idle crap."

Just sounds like he has only previously experienced BAD idle games and doesn't know what a good idle game looks like. It might be a bit roundabout, stubborn, and hateful, but this still counts as him complimenting your game, specifically. I'd say it's just about the highest compliment anyone can give something.

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Link to post - Posted November 29th at 11:23 AM
Well, I can somehow understand his feelings considering that there actually are games where there's just one monster standing there until you kill it and then the next monster appears...
I don't know how it cannot be considered as idle game (especially since the introduction of the taskmasters) but still I have to emphasize how it's definitely a whole other level compared to others.
Even though my girlfriend does not understand that such a game can be entertaining ("you're doing the same thing all the time!"), I really love how every objective is a little different and needs a certain strategy adjustment.

So I can only backup Animenuts congratulations and hope you keep on doing such a great job!

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Link to post - Posted November 29th at 4:26 PM
Erika/Alyniana (CNE Dev)
Thanks LorinBardric. :D
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