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Unable to replicate results, scientific theory rejected

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Link to post - Posted November 2nd at 9:00 PM
Evil's "Horrible Experiment" ability and "Mutant Powers" are seemingly bugged, as well as Mindy seeming to not know how to PROPERLY mimic them.

I've tried stripping the formation down to only Wolf King, Mindy, and Evil with Evil 3 spaces away and Mindy only 2 spaces away to see the effect it has on WK. Evil's "Mutant" ability buffs Experiment for 150% of it's effect per crusader infected, meaning that if Experiment's base buff is 100% DPS, then infecting one crusader would make it 250%, two would make it 625%, etc. The thing is...

1) I can't figure out if Evil infects himself or not. If I have the effect last (number of seconds Experiment lasts/# of crusaders including Evil - 10 seconds) then the effect DOESN'T affect all crusaders at all times, meaning that he DOES take time to infect himself, but if he's not in range of anything, he won't just infect himself, but if he's within range of ONLY one female, "Special Grant Money" still activates, meaning he DOES infect himself, but if he infects himself and a second crusader, the DPS buff is only 250% instead of 625%, meaning he DOESN'T infect himself or the "Mutant" ability doesn't count himself, but when he and a second crusader are infected, it DOES show that he is receiving a DPS buff from his own Experiment ability, meaning he IS infecting himself.

Lots of questions here that all amount to "How do Experiment and Mutant actually work?"

2) When Mindy mimics Evil and only she infects WK, Evil's version of Mutant gets another stack and goes up to 625%, so his Mutant Powers skill DOES include crusaders infected by Mindy, BUT, despite the fact that Mindy mimics Evil's abilities at 200% of their effectiveness so that her mimicked Mutant skill DOES appear as adding 300% stacks (double Evil's 150% stacks), it has no visible effect on her mimicked Experiment. She does double Evil's base Experiment effect (100 (Evil's version) x 2(mimic buff) x 2.5(Evil's Mutant) x 2.5), but she is NOT applying her mimicked version of Mutant to it (100 x 2 x 4 x 4).

So the question here is whether Mindy is meant to ignore her own mimicked version of Mutant Powers and instead SOLELY base her version of Experiment on JUST Evil's base amount, or if this is a bug.
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