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Content Update! 3 more Tier 3 11th Objectives!

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Link to post - Posted October 19th at 12:39 PM
Erika/Alyniana (CNE Dev)

Greetings, Crusaders!

Today's update includes additional Tier 3 11th Objectives for Grimm's Idle Tales, Mischief at Mugwarts, and Ready Player Two, with rewards for each that are sure to help you push further than ever before. This update also includes additional Missions, allowing players to recruit and earn equipment for the remaining Tier 3 Event Crusaders!

Title: More Tier 3 11th Objectives

- Added Tier 3 11th objectives to Grimm’s Idle Tales, Mischief at Mugwarts, and Ready Player Two
- Which is Witch?: Reach area 1400 with selective smiting.
- From the Ashes: Reach area 1450 with the power of Fire Phoenix.
- Bullet Hell: Shoot em up all the way to area 1500.
- Completing these difficult objectives unlocks 3 new bonuses, respectively
- 10% increased Rubies on all objectives (applies retroactively)
- Double the max level for Sprint Mode
- Increased numerical cap to 1e600
- Added Recruitment and Gear missions for all remaining Tier 3 event Crusaders, as well as the Tier 2 Search for Simon Crusaders

- The drop rate of quest items now varies more predictably with the number of items required
- Fire Storm (and Vengeful Fury) can now deal at most 100x the highest DPS or CLK you’ve had in the current area
- Areas 2060 and higher all award the same amount of Bonus Idols

- Minor text fixes. Thank you for the typo reports!
- (PC) Monsters spawned from other monsters’ deaths can no longer be replaced by randomly spawned monsters

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Link to post - Posted October 19th at 10:16 PM
The objective that gives rubies confused me. It said "Applies retroactively' and I wasn't sure how that would work. Like, the objectives would still say "400" but upon reset give "440"? But then I finish the objecti- HOLY HELL 7175 RUBIES WHAT?!

But seriously, good on you guys for doing that. Makes it so that players won't feel like objective done before weren't "wasted" before doing this objective. Very nice.

Also, sprinting to area 1000 and e600 DPS cap, pretty big deal and wasn't expecting such a sudden huge boost. Super excited to get back to pushing my limits again!

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Link to post - Posted October 20th at 2:54 PM
not Raymond
i can tell you have some t4 objectives left to do, if you had all done then the 10% ruby's would have been 925 higher then your 7175

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Link to post - Posted October 20th at 4:52 PM
I typically don't do challenges beyond what is necessary for getting the next major buff. I save the challenges for quick ruby gain when needed. I've only done T4 challenges up through Grimm's Idle Tales. It'll likely stay that way until there's a reason to them for anything other than general ruby gain.

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Link to post - Posted October 22nd at 8:48 AM
Erika/Alyniana (CNE Dev)
@ Animenut: You're welcome. :D

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Link to post - Posted October 22nd at 5:04 PM
Last Edited October 22nd at 5:05 PM
Re: challenges (tuesday challenges), will they in any way be effected by the e400-e600 change? (token distribution and so forth)

And, for those few challenges where it might now be possible to continue past 2060, will venturing past 2060 actually yeild anything? (i.e. are there tokens awarded at all past that point?)

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Link to post - Posted October 23rd at 9:44 AM
Erika/Alyniana (CNE Dev)
@ Azaryah: The challenges have a token drop curve that just cares about what area you get to.

They're still balanced for earning an average of 100 tokens a challenge, and going further than that doesn't really yield more tokens.
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