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Your best DPS formation

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Link to post - Posted October 11th at 8:16 AM
I would like to bring up an od thread:

What I'm thinking about is the following: Is Chiyome still your strongest DPSer?
I haven't had her third epic until recently so she didn't stand any chance against my animal formations (Sal for a very long time, later Shenna).

Now that I finally got Chiyome to full epic I started to play around with my formations but in the meantime we got the Wolf King - and Chiyome is weaker again.

At the moment when I'm doing objectives I stick to Rex and take Chiyome as DPS (as I don't reach the level cap anyways), but when I want to do deep runs in WW, I have to switch to Wolf King in the end.

How are your formations at the moment?
(I'm sorry that I don't post my formation, but I'm on an objective right now and can't remember all the slots... I'll edit it asap to show you my current WW-formation)

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Link to post - Posted October 11th at 8:34 AM
Last Edited October 11th at 8:35 AM
I'm still using Chiyome, just for convenience's sake - since she synergizes well with speedsters and my full-speed formation requires only a slight alteration in the final areas to get me to the area cap.

Having tested it, i could get a better DPS with Wolf King though - IF the DPS was allowed to go above e400. Sort of been assuming i would switch to him whenever the cap gets raised, but then, that's taking so long that now T4's are coming out and he might get superceded before he has his day in the sun!

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Link to post - Posted October 11th at 4:50 PM
Last Edited October 11th at 4:55 PM
Chiyome is still the best DPSer. Conditionally. Wolf King pumps out more DPS by himself, but he has less support and is more restricted in how he can be positioned in a formation since he HAS to be in a place that allows him to be affected by as many formation abilities as possible while ALSO being surrounded by crusaders that HAPPEN to also be animals. It's a lot of hoops to jump through. Chiyome deals much less DPS by herself, but has FAR more human/female legendary support that also happens to come from...well, ALL of the speed crusaders in the game. Compared one-to-one, Chiyome deals less damage than Wolf King, but the game isn't a one-man-formation game. Chiyome gets far more, and better, support than Wolf King, which closes that gap a bit more, and Wolf King's support don't do much at all for speed. Chiyome-centric formations still have pleeeeenty of DPS to be useful while not sacrificing speed for power. Even if Wolf King can push, say, 10% farther, it's not really worth it if the run takes 50% longer.

With her, I can reach area 2060 within 4 hours without ever changing my formation from pure speed. Granted, I've got 1.2 billion idols, so between that and legendary gear, I've got enough power to not need to swap crusaders, but even back when I posted in that forum you linked to, my full DPS formation still had several speedsters and pumped out lots of damage. Basically, my recommendation is the same as it was before on that linked forum. However...

Since that post, new crusaders (or crusaders I only geared up afterward) have come out. I'll post a new link showing how my new DPS formation would work, even though I personally don't need to use it. But for anyone looking for a DPS Chiyome formation:

Keep in mind that the above is just me coming up with what I *THINK* would be the best DPS formation based on not having actually testing it out for myself. I literally just made this to get a picture of it. Pretty sure this will pump out the most, of not NEARLY the most, DPS out of a Chiyome formation, so anyone willing to toy around with this to find a better edit of this formation, feel free to inform me.

Lastly, just to clarify, Exchange Student in this is benefiting from Frosty's level 9 Storm Rider.

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Link to post - Posted October 16th at 10:35 AM
Hi, what would in your mind be the best Speed Formation for WW?

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Link to post - Posted October 16th at 12:40 PM
Last Edited October 16th at 12:41 PM
Krad, I would send an Imgur link, but apparently Imgur is broken. Can't seem to upload a visible image. So I'll have to describe it...


1 - Mindy the Mime

2 - Rex the Wrestler

3 - Chiyome

4 - Penny the Park Planner

5 - Billy Smithsonian

6 - Dr. Evil, Ph.D

7 - Sjin the Builder

8 - Milgrid the Mining Mage

9 - Chef Casey

10 - Turps the Tasty

This is the ACTUAL best speed formation for WW. It uses almost every speed crusader in the game, and they have good synergy with the main DPSer, and their positioning works well for eachother. Plus, it has plenty of DPS, so even with all this speed, you're not sacrificing damage. Everyone's formation abilities are activated, lot of damage, and almost entirely speed crusaders. However, if you want to forfeit a lot of DPS for just a teeny bit more speed (it wouldn't make much of a difference, but...) then you can swap out Milgrid for Baenarall. I wouldn't suggest it, but if you really want speed, and ONLY speed, that'd be the only change.

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Link to post - Posted October 17th at 7:54 AM
Whoa, thanks for the detailed answer, very much appreciate it.

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Link to post - Posted October 19th at 10:17 AM
Why not put Sjin in the center slot (nr. 6)?
His "let's build" gets stronger with every crusader next to him, so if he's in the middle, his ability (and therefore his speed-buff) will be slightly stronger.
Of course, the effect of Dr.Evil's is smaller, but I suppose this doesn't make any difference for about 99% of the run...

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Link to post - Posted October 19th at 4:56 PM
Lorin, I keep Sijn where is is because it doesn't take long for speed buff stacks to mean almost nothing. Even with Sjin's best gear, the 2 fewer crusaders buffing his spawn buff amounts to maybe...1/10th of a second per area? Maybe even less. The spawn speed lost by it is near-imperceptible. And as long as his drop buff is 100% or more, the buff doesn't matter. Having more than 100% chance to double drops doesn't increase the drop amount, and if you have even somewhat decent gear on him, 4 crusaders is enough to get him to AT LEAST 100% double drop chance. Having Evil in the middle lets him affect everybody with his "Horrible Experiment" ability. Since the ability stacks multiplicatively, and affects his legendary needle's legendary buff, the one extra crusader adds a decent amount of DPS.

In short, the difference between Sjin and Evil being swapped is a near-irrelevant amount of speed and a notable difference in DPS.

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Link to post - Posted October 26th at 1:45 PM
Animenut, I use an almost identical formation for speed (and switch to others near the end of a run), but I don't see the point in Turps. I use Baenarall instead (and put her in Rex's place at the very start of a run, before Rex has his 2 final skills). She would be the first one to go once a better speed crusader comes along, though.

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Link to post - Posted October 26th at 9:44 PM
I use Turps because with all the other crusaders in the formation, spawn speed stops really doing anything even with Baenarall, so I use Turps because he has a legendary DPS buff as well as him being in the formation activating one of Sjin's legendary DPS buffs, and since thefront slotis open, Turps can apply his legendary gold buff. Baenarall's legendary abilities are entirely irrelevant to the formation, so her solid speed buff doesn't really help. Turps gives almost no less speed (because, again, spawn speed is already super high) but he gives FAR more DPS and gold find.

When starting to convert to DPS, my first action is switching Turps out for Pete, as well as switching Rex and Milgrid, so that Pete's DPS buffs carry the formation long enough for Mindy to mimic Milgrid. Without Pete's DPS buff, there's a risk that Mindy will take too long to mimic Milgrid and the formation's DPS will plummet for a moment.

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Link to post - Posted October 27th at 3:10 AM
Well, if you use Turps for DPS, you could use any other buffing crusader, really...

When I start with DPS formations, I swap Rex and Milgrid too. But I don't use Pete, I use Slisiblyp. With 3 taskmasters constantly clicking (and one leveling Chiyome), she provides far more DPS.

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Link to post - Posted October 27th at 12:45 PM
Other buffing crusaders often don't give the gold find he does, and he also gives a speed buff, however slight. He's by far the least-important crusader in the formation, which is why he gets switched out first. But he's in the formation because he gives 2 legendaries worth of DPS, AND a huge gold buff, AND a slight speed buff. I'm not using Turps solely for his DPS, I'm using him because he gives a bit of everything useful and my front slot is open anyway. I have him in the formation for the same reason Milgrid is in instead of Baenarall. Despite being a speed formation, Milgrid's DPS buff makes FAAAAAAR more of a difference than Baenarall's speed buff. Likewise, Baenarall gives a more solid speed buff, but Turps still gives a slight speed buff while also giving other great benefits, so his overall buffs do more for the formation than Baenarall's speed buff by itself. And a pure DPS buffer would likely only have 3 legendary DPS buffs at most, no speed or gold, while Turps has 2 legendary DPS buffs AND a legendary gold buff and some speed.

I like balance. Speed is great, but if your speed formation stops early and you need to start swapping out crusaders soon anyway, what's the point of speed? You still need at least SOME damage to keep that speed going. Turps gives some of everything as well as activating Sjin's legendary, and Sjin is going to be in the formation anyway, so why not activate his legendary effect?

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Link to post - Posted October 28th at 1:29 AM
Yeah, makes sense. Although, I must say I don't level the gear of crusaders that won't be in the final formation I use (so, no Rex or Sjin), so I can push a little bit further (especially now with the cap raised) by focusing on end-of-run buffers. It's a shame that bonus idols remain constant after 2060, though :D

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Link to post - Posted October 28th at 2:14 AM
I focus primarily on end-of-run crusaders, but for saders like Turps, who are in the formation for some length of time, I usually have their gear hover around level 3-5. Considering level 4 only takes 1,750 common materials, it seems more than worth it to throw a few around. Hoard 32k for that single level 9 that amounts to about a x2 multiplier at the end of a run, or use that 32k for about 4 level 6 legendary gear pieces on periphery crusaders for a total of 104,857,600% more damage (2^20, 5 levels between 1 and 6, 4 times) to keep my speed formation going just that much longer.

I personally prefer getting, like, 50 areas more with my speed formation rather than half of a single area at the end of a run (using a slower DPS formation) with just 100% more DPS.

Typically, I'll focus on getting final crusader gear to at LEAST level 7 before starting to parse out the remaining materials on speed-formation-only crusaders, just because after level 7, the costs become really hefty, and the cost of a single level 8 gearpiece amounts to a LOOOOOOT of potential levels in tertiary crusaders' gear.

The game is about reaching as far as possible, but also about reducing the time it takes to do so, so ideally, my speed formation should bring me all the way to the area cap. If that's not possible, then it should take me as far as it reasonably can before I switch to anything slower. In other words, I want to avoid using my DPS formation for as long as reasonably possible.
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