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Link to post - Posted September 13th at 3:59 PM
The DPS glitch is back. When I refresh the game, I've gotta click through all the "You reached X DPS" achievements again.

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Link to post - Posted September 13th at 6:39 PM
that has been happening to me on and off for a few months, on many of the computers i use infrequently, I think it is a cookie thing causing it to not be remembered that those achievements have ALL been obtained by me years ago.
Erika on the other hand says it is a code bug introduced when they added the over e308 things. But for the life of me I do not know how a company who knows this has been the case for months and who have had DOZENS of new things added to the code since then, has specifically NOT spent a second to fix the issue.

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Link to post - Posted September 17th at 8:32 PM
That might explain why the game doesn't remember highest DPS I ever had
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