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Safari doesn't remember presets

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Link to post - Posted September 9th at 1:15 AM
Hello, I've just switched to using safari for the game and it won't remember saved formations, that i'm ok with buying all upgrades, or saved / reserved crusaders in the mission list. Anyone else have this problem? I'm on Mac.

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Link to post - Posted September 9th at 3:49 PM
Saved formations is in you game data so they should still be there if you switch browsers. however, your preference to not see certain pop-ups and who you have starred or Xed for missions is saved in your flash cache for that browser, so anytime you switch browsers or clear your flash cache you have to redo these things.

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Link to post - Posted September 9th at 6:24 PM
no, saved formations and missions stars++ and do not ask+ things are stored in cookies and cookies on one browser are not known on another same as if you went to another computer

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Link to post - Posted September 10th at 10:34 AM
Hey Thanks for the replies, I thought it was in the cache of the browser but every single time I reload it asks again, even if I haven't quit the browser. So I checked and cookies are allowed so there shouldn't be an issue but, nope.

I'm also having the problem as I usually use firefox and now I can't get the game to load after the new firefox update.
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