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need help getting to area 1500

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Link to post - Posted July 6th at 11:43 PM
bigfat-and agry ranting-rasta
Hi guys, despite maxing my formation synergy AND taking advantage of thyranos' snap ability i seem to be unable to reach area 1500.
I have 2,43E7 Idols and the Tier 4 talents mostly maxed out. Best effort was area 1324 (without any buffs).
gratefull for any insight or help

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Link to post - Posted July 7th at 4:51 AM
A good formation is half of it, the other half is good gear. Raising the levels of the gear on the 'saders in your DPS formation will be the biggest help to you if you've already optimized your formation.

Just remember to spread out your materials across all of the Ls that contribute to DPS in your DPS formation. That means don't have your DPS crusader at L7L7L7 and all the rest of your crusaders at L4. So that leaves a couple options:
* If you have a hoard of silver chests open them up and raise some Ls!
* DE any L gear that is no longer useful is also a good way to free up a lot of mats as well.
* If you are not afraid of some rearranging, you could DE all of your gold and speedsters to temporarily boost your DPS form.

You can also post your DPS formation either here or in chat and ask for some advice.

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Link to post - Posted July 7th at 8:56 AM
Any advice is quite pointless until we know how many idols and, more importantly, which crusaders you have. For example, with Mindy + Milgrid it should be trivial to reach area 1500, so I'm assuming you are missing one or both.

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Link to post - Posted July 7th at 10:10 AM
He said how many idols he has. Idol count means a lot less than L levels anyway.

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Link to post - Posted July 7th at 1:05 PM
Last Edited July 7th at 1:06 PM
Without knowing which crusaders/gear you have, it is difficult to give you anything more than generic advice, so I'll just make a few notes..

1) Chiyome is the best DPSer in the game, currently. High bench slot, semi-flexible positioning, and legendary abilities that very, very easily synergize with many of the best support crusaders in the game. Shenna would be a passable second. Even Chef Casey, who isn't even a DPSer, but many great support crusaders favor a female/human formation, which Chef Casey gets a lot of benefit from. Ultimately, you want a decent DPSer that is as far-right in the bench slots as possible that also synergizes well with the legendary gear of the support crusaders you use.

2) Evenly spread your materials around to your legendary gear. Effectively, each gear level doubles your current DPS, so in almost any case, getting one gear piece from level 3 to 5 is going to give you more DPS than getting another gear piece from 5 to 6. Having ten "5"s will be much stronger than having three "7"s, and it will even cost fewer materials.

3) Here are some of the best DPS supports in the game:

-Mindy the Mime: She's literally good at everything. Have her mimic whatever is most useful. Note that she can only mimic two crusaders at a time, so put her in a corner beside only the two you want her to mimic. Mindy mimicking Milgrid is laughably overpowered, and can make a difference of around a hundred areas, depending.

-Milgrid the Mining Mage: Her "We've Got To Go Deeper" buff kinda breaks the game. Her legendary abilities are mostly useless, but that's fine because her formation ability is so insanely powerful

-Veronica the Android Archer: "Precise Aim" and her legendary gear are great, easy-to-apply buffs to any crusader.

-Pete the Carney: His legendary gear is enormously powerful regardless of where you put him in your formation, and he synergizes with Mindy's makeover kit legendary ability. Ideally, have about the same number of crusaders affected by "Bad Joke" as are unaffected, and try to have your DPSer affected by the ability. Chiyome is great for this since she's MEANT to be in back of the formation, so putting Pete at the front makes it easy for the ability to target Chiyome.

-Penny the Park Planner: If you're running a human/female formation, this girl is an ABSOLUTE must. Easy legendary gear buffs and a strong formation ability to buff DPS as well as greatly increase progression speed.

-Sjin the Builder: Great for some extra speed-progression, but make sure to put him next to your DPSer so his hat legendary ability can buff them. Having Turps the Tasty in the formation helps a good amount, too. He doesn't do nearly as much for your DPS, which is why I won't give him his own entry, but he synergizes with Sjin's legendary gear well, and he gives a pretty good gold buff to help you more easily reach the level cap.

-The triple-threat: Frosty the Snowman, The Exchange Student, and Sisaron, the Dragon Sorceress. These need to be mentioned together since they only really work so well in tandem. Use plenty of materials to buff Frosty's pipe legendary (to buff Storm Rider), use Magnify, then Storm Rider with Frosty. Chances ae, the cooldown will be so massive you'll not be able to use it again in that run, but the MASSIVE buff SR gives utterly trounces the amount you can get it stacked up to with repeated uses from other crusaders. With the same legendary level, he can reach more than double the effect in a single use. Since Exchange Student's "Class President" ability is based off of SR's effect, this makes Exchange Student's ability VERY powerful. That's where Sisaron comes in. Position her so she's next to 4 crusaders, and make sure one of those 4 is your DPSer. This will maximize her "Loose Magic" buff. The reason you'll want Sisaron and Exchange Student together is because Sisaron has a legendary ability that buffs DPS per dragon, and Student has a legendary ability that buffs DPS when there's at least 2 dragons in the formation, so Sisaron gives a great buff normally, Exchange Student benefits greatly from Frosty's Storm Rider buff, and both strong supporters create two more decent buffs by being together.


If you STILL can't reach area 1500, then you just simply don't have crusaders/gear good enough to get you there, yet. The only thing anyone in the forums can give you for advice is how to optimize what you have. If the best, optimal version of what you have still isn't enough, then you just can't reach 1500 yet. You'll have to wait until you unlock better crusaders or better gear before you can push further.

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Link to post - Posted July 7th at 11:30 PM
Last Edited July 8th at 1:06 AM
bigfat-and agry ranting-rasta
Thanks for the help so far! I mentioned my Idols earlier. Here is some more info
Idols 2,43E7
Crusaders all unlocked
Gear (usefull) at least Leg lvl 3
(30 k Silver Chest lying around, so i will upgrade here first)
talents : almost maxed

main DPS
for fast runs Hermit (5234 EP)
for long runs thoronose (1760 EP)
chiome (because mentioned above by animenut (1456 EP)

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Link to post - Posted July 8th at 1:08 AM
Hermit for DPS? Ooooh boy, no wonder your DPS is so low. EP doesn't make enough of a difference to merit using an earlier crusader in place of a later one. At max level, with comparable gear and favorable formations, Hermit wouldn't even SCRATCH Chiyome's damage even with x10 more EP than Chiyome. If you were using Hermit, that explains a lot.

Thoonoose is...basically useless. Not entirely, but as a DPSer he just isn't consistent enough, or even strong enough to compare with lots of others. And his "Snap" ability is, again, basically useless. Better to use that formation space for a better speed crusader.

For reference, here's two pictures of my formation: Details on the imgur page. All crusaders have legendary gear levels 6-9 (the non-useless ones).

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Link to post - Posted July 8th at 2:49 AM
bigfat-and agry ranting-rasta
I used Thoonoose without aktivating snap, so he has his dps constantly fully buffed ... (as i wrote hermit only for quick idol runs)

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Link to post - Posted July 8th at 4:40 AM
Last Edited July 8th at 4:44 AM
Seconded, move away from Hermit. He isn't even good for quick idol runs because any support will carry you through those, so better to replace him with another speedster or gold finder on quick runs.

30k silver chest? Rip those suckers open like crazy!

Btw, if you want a quick way to open them check out this Reddit post:

P.S.: My current DPS form:

All my Ls are L6 or L7. My WW DPS is the same, just w/o Billy, Montana, and Slis.

And for fun, here's my speed form too:

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Link to post - Posted July 8th at 7:00 AM
24M idols and haven't touched area 1400 yet...
I had about 15M idols when I managed to clear area 1500 (with buffs)

Anyways, Mindy mimicking Milgrid is a must
If you're using Thoonoose as main DPS, you need to bring supernatural, alien and male supporters to boost his DPS. I hope you have plenty of those :)
I used Shenna as main DPS and I brought plenty of female, human & animal supporters to support her (some even do dual buffs). I have plenty of legendaries but due to limited materials, I focused my mats to upgrade legs used by Shenna and her supporters

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Link to post - Posted July 8th at 7:18 AM
Looks like I was about 24.7M when I cracked 1500. Apparently it was right after I opened 7,000 SC and upgraded a bunch of Ls. Seems like just doing that got me from 1480ish to 1520ish on WW FP.

Hmmm... I should really take my own advice and start opening chests again....

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Link to post - Posted July 8th at 11:02 PM
bigfat-and agry ranting-rasta
well I finally cleared it. In the end it still took "snap", all available buffs and lots of firestorm for the 1500 boss.
Thanks for the advice.

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Link to post - Posted July 9th at 7:30 AM
'main DPS
for fast runs Hermit (5234 EP)
for long runs thoronose (1760 EP)
chiome (because mentioned above by animenut (1456 EP)"

Are you using Thoonoose because he has 300 more EP than Chiyo? Animenut just clearly outlined why she far superior to Thoonoose, 300 extra EP is infinitesimally small when you compare it with multiple stacking L effects.

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Link to post - Posted July 9th at 10:43 AM
Rasta, stop using Thoonoose.

Let me say that again.


You said that you have all crusaders, so use Chiyome. Like kjbds said, EP means effectively nothing. If they both already have 1000+ EP, it would take HUNDREDS of EP to make so much as a single area's worth of difference.

Check my screenshots to see how I sey up my formation. Use those formations for ONE run, even if you don't have good gear to support it, and mention the results here compared to the formation you used to reach 1500.

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Link to post - Posted July 10th at 3:22 AM
EPs are irrelevant. Skills and gear (and position as a hero, meaning more DPS when you reach level cap) are much more important. Which makes thoonoose trash, even though he is a late hero.

Btw, with mindy + milgrid, you should reach 1500 VERY easily. Just make sure mindy mimics only 2 crusaders, and milgrid is one of those two.

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Link to post - Posted July 19th at 4:04 PM
Last Edited July 19th at 4:55 PM
bigfat-and agry ranting-rasta
ran into trouble again, beating the Ghostbeards Greedcampaign " to infinity and beyond"

using all the hints from you guys, (Chiome as DPS, mining mage + mimic, ....) i am still stuck at area 1278. And even using a click-crusader.

any help?

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Link to post - Posted July 19th at 4:18 PM
Last Edited July 19th at 7:06 PM
bigfat-and agry ranting-rasta
current formation:
turp Agent 79 princess
artaxas sinjin
miningmage chiome bomb
androidArcher bushwacker
mimic PennyPP Littlefoot

DPS 1,19e282 Area 1286 + all buffs

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Link to post - Posted July 21st at 1:06 AM
Hmmm.... area 1500 on WW requires around 5.8e292 to clear while area 1300 on GG requires 4.35e293, IOW it doesn't differ much so it should be easier to do the latter with extra 3 slots

About your formation, assuming I get it right, you placed Milgrid at wrong slot. Swap her so she's close to Mindy. I'm not sure who bomb is (Fright-o-tron?) but try swapping her with Penny so Penny could buff Chiyome

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Link to post - Posted July 21st at 8:32 PM
The issue with that particular objective is that the missile keeps moving, so we wouldn't be able to really give you formation ideas. The best we can give is basic ideas for crusaders to use and very basic "microcosmic" formation ideas, like Mindy mimicking Milgrid. That's an objective you kind of just have to have enough overall DPS to complete, not DPS based purely on crusader positions. More idols, better gear, more talent levels, etc. You can't rely much on your formation since it will keep getting messed up by the rocket. Legendary abilities will help a LOT here. Some ideas...

Chiyome as a main DPSer, obviously in the back lot surrounded by 4 crusaders, ideally.

For support, Veronica, Mindy, Billy, Pete, Sisaron (when surrounded me 4 crusaders), Sjin (adjacent to Chiyome), Penny, Exchange Student (after using a fully-buffed Storm Rider with Frosty), Milgrid, Agent 79, and Chef Casey (with 4 surrounding her).

All of the above either have extremely powerful human/female/global DPS buffs for all of their legendary abilities, or have powerful, easy-to-position formation abilities.

Only Sjin, Casey, Sisaron, and Exchange Student take some relatively-specific positioning, but everyone else can be put just about anywhere, or have flexible positioning, which will make it easier to keep up with the missile changing your formation.

DO, NOT, USE, CLICKERS. Ever since legendary abilities, clickers have lost a lot of use. Typically, a crusader with three beneficial legendary abilities will be WAY stronger than any clicker.

If you're having an insane amount of trouble even reaching 1300, then accept that you can't do the objective yet. Farm for idols, boost talents, get more legendary levels, etc. If it takes a ton of effort to not even come within 100 areas of the objective, then, you, cannot, complete, it, yet. Bashing your head up against that wall won't accomplish anything.

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Link to post - Posted August 12th at 9:06 AM
anything is possible with firebombing :D
this is what i've doing for hard (past past 1400 or accio difficulty) objectives
thalia in front row, right behind him Griffon and Alan,
have thalia tank a lot of enemies until he dies, triggering alan's resurrection (if you think you have enough remove griffon temporarily so thalia dies faster)
after that hit magnify + firestorm, every normal mob should be dead already (ressurection + magnified firestorm = 100% or higher) if not you need better gear for ressurect and/or firestorm
on boss stages, almost same thing, right after ressurect hits, swap to frightotron (you want the gears for the explosion damage and chance), use magnify+firestorm, all the normal enemies will explode thanks to frightotron, and 2-3 explosions will kill the boss instantly, if not then you need better gear
accio difficulty has you fighting 5 bosses per boss area, kill one boss and go back an area and forward again, the kill count won't reset.
hugely gear dependent, i have Ls on all the mentioned saders so dunnno what the minimum is, but you literally can keep doing this until you hit the number caps
don't even need warps just wait 4 minutes each area tanking in the meanwhile