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"There is no need to reach area 750"

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Link to post - Posted June 29th at 12:18 AM
Wait, you were serious?


I'm slowly moseying on, leaving the game to slooowly make my way through while I'm away, figuring this objective is just being facetious, not uncommon for the game, but I come back to check the game, I'm at 550 and the objective is complete.

Well-played, game. You got me.

Because curiosity: Anyone know what the ACTUAL area objective is? All I know is it had to be before 550.

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Link to post - Posted June 29th at 10:04 AM
Erika/Alyniana (CNE Dev)
The Tier 3 event objectives were bugged and didn't have the area required for completion set properly.

It is actually area 750.
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