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A song of thrones?

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Link to post - Posted June 22nd at 11:40 PM
Hi Guys,

just a quick one, I know that the song of thrones event is a movable feast, but I just got a recruit mission for one of the event crusaders and I'm wondering if its worth attempting. If the event is turning up in the next month then I'll pass and wait to pick them up then, but if it's planned for December (or not at all this year, like GoT itself) then I'll run the mission.

Not asking for spoilers, just a rough time-frame if possible.



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Link to post - Posted June 24th at 3:47 AM
There is absolutely no reason to skip any recruitment or gear mission, ever. Even if you fail it, you are just gonna injure (for a short time) crusaders you are not gonna use anyway.

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Link to post - Posted June 24th at 6:10 AM
Actually my best % chance is with a crusader I like to use quite a bit so having them out for 3 days and potentially 4 if there is a failure isn't something I contemplate lightly - hence the reason for asking.

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Link to post - Posted June 25th at 4:59 AM
Last Edited June 25th at 5:02 AM
... then use another crusader, and lower the chance of success. I really can't understand your point. Using crusaders you never use in your formation, is the chance of success higher than 0%? Then do it. What does it matter? Between skipping the mission altogether (which is like doing the mission with a 0% success rate), and having a chance of success (even if it's not the highest possible one), what do you think is best? As I said, there is NEVER a reason to skip crusaders and gear missions.

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Link to post - Posted June 25th at 11:25 AM
Erika/Alyniana (CNE Dev)
The Song of Thrones event is still about a month away, at the earliest.

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Link to post - Posted June 26th at 5:05 AM
Last Edited June 26th at 5:07 AM
Doing a recruitment mission would tie up five crusaders for three days, risk injuring some or all of them, and then would force you to wait for the mission cooldown to expire (2 weeks?) before taking on the next recruitment mission.

Skipping the recruitment mission and letting it expire means another recruitment mission will spawn straight away -- you do not tie up crusaders and you have to wait 1 week (?) for the next one rather than 2.5 weeks (mission running time + cooldown).

If the crusader you would be recruiting through the mission is coming up soon through an event objective (which is much quicker and has less risk to the availability of your peeps) then I do agree that it is best to skip it, not to run it anyway.

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Link to post - Posted June 26th at 2:28 PM
Jen, I assumed skipping the mission puts it in cooldown. I really don't know, since I never get recruitment missions anyway (I have all the crusaders, I started playing since before the first event). If this is not the case, then it might make sense to skip it, I agree. Just for the cooldown part, however: tying up crusaders or injuring them is quite irrelevant, when you have far more than what would be needed to run all the other missions anyway.
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