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timed mission

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Link to post - Posted June 21st at 5:36 PM
Kirby Bishop
who do you use on mission get me out of here

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Link to post - Posted June 22nd at 6:31 AM
Pick up items, use the right arrow key to move to next area faster. These 2 should save you almost 10 minutes alone.

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Link to post - Posted June 22nd at 10:05 PM
I use my regular formation - speedsters for Get Me Out of Here. since that objective requires active playing, any formation won't matter.
Thought some players use Penny to help picking up quest items faster

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Link to post - Posted July 1st at 12:44 PM
The enemies have low health and you don't have to get that far, along with a decent gold flow. Use Thoonoose, since his SNAP can get you through areas instantly. Speed Crusaders are useless other than him and Penny, as mentioned before.

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Link to post - Posted July 1st at 2:34 PM
Wow Andrew that was a nice idea! But when you end buying all his abilities, you should have completed game.

Bloodbane is right about saying Penny helps but only if her gear in on leg or golden.

Btw you dont need to play with whole formation, just choose a gold finder and feed him/her up like Panda.

Also decreasse lag in game, turning on/off some option from menu. like quality, chest drop animation.
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