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Mindy mimicking Turps

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Link to post - Posted June 17th at 10:44 AM
She does effectively copy "Tasty", but when she mimics "Cashing In", it doesn't seem to double down on hat effect, causing enemies to drop as much gold as they would without him being mimicked.

Is this intentional? I can see why it might be, since the ability causes a visual change in gold drops, a mimicked version can't add a second layer of visual change and therefor doesn't apply a second gold buff.

If it is NOT intentional and, in fact, a bug, it seems like a simple fix. Just have the ONE visual change but instead have just those grey coins equal the combined buffs from both instances of "Cashing In". Ergo... Gold coins = Base gold buffs, Grey coins = Base gold buffs x Turps' "Cashing In" buff x Mindy's "Cashing In" buff.

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Link to post - Posted June 29th at 5:02 PM
Just gonna bump this one up top again because I'm still curious about this.

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Link to post - Posted July 7th at 1:19 AM
Yeah, I wonder what Mindy's really copying sometimes. I know she can't mimic gear only attributes.

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Link to post - Posted July 7th at 1:55 PM
I know that she DOES mimic the buffed abilities from legendary gear. Ergo, if a legendary ability says "Increases the effect of __ by 100%", then she mimics the resulting effectiveness, not the base effectiveness. She can't mimic legendary abilities, but she CAN mimic formation abilities that have been buffed by legendary abilities. So she does mimic "Cashing In", but I haven't noticed a visible difference in gold gain.
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