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Spawn speed hard-cap?

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Link to post - Posted June 2nd at 12:19 PM
Is there one? It seems like no matter how much I boost my spawn speed (Rex, Chef Casey, and Sjin, as well as Mindy copying Turps and Baenarall, and Viktor infecting three dragons), the time it takes to clear a boss area remains almost identical to just having Mindy copy Baenarall and Turps.

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Link to post - Posted June 18th at 3:18 PM
Last Edited June 18th at 3:26 PM
i'v noticed that when you hit around Base Speed x 40 or 40,000%Spawn-Speed(sSPeed) the monsters are completely invisible and all you see is tons of items dropping to the ground.

This was done w/ Mindy Copying Rex at 150/300% sSpeed (i have screen shot showing 6x 300%sSpeed on Mindy an 4x 150%sSpeed on Rex) also 30%x2 on Vic and Sjin had ~200%sSpeed, etc etc.. but Rex is also broken and his black market ability isnt always mimic'd by Mindy...

but i dont think there is a cap in all honesty.. because it just kept going and going getting more and more Buffs (25 Trophy's= Additional 30sec Skill, w/33% chance to double trophy which is also doubled on Mindy making her gain extra 30sBuffs Faster) which means Faster kills= more speed buffs applied until it plateaus but Mindy had like 14+ Buffs in her black-market thingy before it disappeared from her abilities or crashed. LOTS OF ISSUES w/ REX

I mean mathematically like all things it gets to a point where there is not diff between 50x's sSpeed and 60x's sSpeed.. because its down to a micro of a micro second.

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Link to post - Posted June 21st at 8:58 AM
Last Edited June 21st at 9:00 AM
Version 0.112 "-(PC) Removed the cap on monster spawn speed, which could be reached with spawn speed buffs from missions."

Was removed when Extended Spawns and Sprint Mode was released.

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Link to post - Posted June 21st at 2:05 PM
Last Edited June 21st at 2:11 PM
Wait, Mindy can mimic Rex? I've made another forum post explaining how in my game, she seems to only mimic "Trophy" and can't turn them in for buffs using "Black Market". If she can mimic Rex (without crashing), that would help so much.

Edit: Just checked and yup, she can turn in trophies for effects now. Haven't noticed a crash in abilities yet, though.
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