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Summer Sports Event 2018
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Link to post - Posted June 11th at 9:39 AM
many of us have had NONE yet of it.
blog usually says the following:
When will the last quest unlock?
All quests will be unlocked by the 10th day of the event.

and that is in 2+ hours from now.
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Link to post - Posted June 11th at 10:19 AM
Last Edited June 11th at 2:10 PM
Erika/Alyniana (CNE Dev)
@ Raymond: The Hidden Legend quest is only for first time players.

It's where you find out about the Town Crier.

In subsequent years, you get the find more items quests every few days from Claire in the event area. The one quest that stands out is the Zamboni batteries. You do still get the Hidden Legend achievement for completing this 2nd year quest line.

In your third year of doing the event, I believe you would get the Apprentice quest line, which was introduced last year.

For someone who has played all years of the event so far, like yourself, you get the Find More Items quests from Claire, and Find the Training Montage DVDs for the Apprentice. The DVDs quest is new this year and started on Saturday June 2, and would only be available in the year after you discovered the apprentice.
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Link to post - Posted June 11th at 12:26 PM
I got the Hidden legend achievement just now, didn't have to do anything, just talk to the blond bird. However, I still have the "Mighty Mick" achievement to do, help Bo become a pro boxer. When does this start? Less than 4 days to go until the event ends.
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Link to post - Posted June 11th at 1:30 PM
Last Edited June 11th at 1:33 PM
The only one I haven't gotten started yet is Mighty Mick (help Bo). I got the achievement for the The Hidden Legend today. It is my 1st year for this event.

I enjoy watching the kids play, it's cute. I also like my jersey and gnome. I have enjoyed this event, nothing spectacular but fun.
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Link to post - Posted June 11th at 4:42 PM
I did get Mighty Mick today. The quest came from the town crier, which is appropriate since it is about him :)
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Link to post - Posted June 12th at 12:57 AM
Still no Mighty Mick, the town crier is silent on the matter!
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Link to post - Posted June 14th at 9:51 AM
Erika/Alyniana (CNE Dev)
If you were a veteran who had already found the apprentice, the event achievement Mighty Mick should not have been reset with the rest of the repeatable event achievements.
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Link to post - Posted June 15th at 12:51 AM
Thanks Erika, all sorted in the end.
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