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Dev Request : Remove Guild Maintence Now That the Game Is Ending

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Link to post - Posted October 31st 2015 at 9:03 AM
I'd like to make a request of the devs to remove the guild maintenance requirements now that the game is going to be ending. I know some people might find it a silly request and tell me to just join one of the few remaining guilds if I want the guild benefits, so let me explain where I'm coming from.

I'd been playing the game since alpha and made a guild as soon as it was available. Archaic Domain wasn't a huge guild or anything, but we had a small handful of active members and I greatly enjoyed upgrading and managing the guild. Earlier this year I left the game after having some disagreements with the direction it was heading. After hearing the game was coming in I decided to come back again and at least see how the story ends. I was pretty surprised to find out that since I left guild maintenance had been dramatically increased, to the point where I'd likely no longer be able to cover the expenses myself. Yeah, my guild is basically dead at this point, I won't deny that. But it's a bit saddening to think that something I put a lot of work into back in the day probably won't be here with me when the end comes.

So I'm pretty much begging here. Remove or revert the guild maintenance costs. At this point there's really only a couple active guilds remaining anyway so it's not like it's going to really hurt anyone or anything. Honestly, at this point I'd probably pay for shardium or something to remove the maintenance costs permanently. I just want to be able to see both my guild and character through to the end.
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