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This is really devastating news to many loyal players

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Link to post - Posted October 16th 2015 at 12:46 PM
I have not been involved with this game nearly as long as many of the folks posting here. And this is actually the first MMO I have committed to. (It is very hard to get my commitment to a game.) I choose not to be in any of the guilds in the game and was still greeted warmly and helped to grow by everyone from all the guilds. You folks at CNE should step back and reconsider your choice to terminate this game. There are many suggestions from players that may help turn things around. I plan on playing until you turn the lights off which I hope will not happen. I would even be willing to pay a small subscription to play if you would continue to support the game and commit to making some of the improvements suggested by players. I know that many of the people playing are very talented and experienced in playing these games perhaps they could take some of the load off your shoulders as far a supporting the game. Please consider trying to keep this game up and running. Perhaps it would be worth your while to keep this loyal group of players and the game running and use it to experiment with an alternative type of funding to support it rather than the run of the mill funding that all games are using. (And everyone is getting tired of worldwide.) Use it to think outside the box and get feedback from players to maybe come up with a better business model then currently used by the industry now. That would be a real block buster!!! Both the game and the players will be sorely missed.
Yours truly till the end
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